Monday 29 June 2009

Business Deal Of The Week

I'll bet Gary Lineker wouldn't go this far.

A prostitute in Oklahoma was so desperate for business that she was caught having sex with a man in exchange for a box of crisps.

She told officers that the man asked for her sex but did not have any cash so they struck a deal by which he gave her the crisps.

Seems fair payment for a feel of her grab bags and a bit of prawn cocktail.

Crikey! I appear to have turned into Sid James.


Anonymous said...

why can't they leave em alone to earn a living,ok she will have a very un pc diet for a week or two.Perhaps that's why she was arrested,after all that's a far BIGGER crime.

Screaming Banshee said...

lol, well done to this woman, you have to eat and we all need sex.

Anonymous: Crisps are a bigger crime now. You could end up looking like Gary Lineker lol.

BTS said...

Perhaps the man involved was Gary Lineker..