Tuesday 2 June 2009

Odd Timing

Former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt is to stand down as an MP at the next election but has said the move has nothing to do with the expenses furore.

Then why announce this at precisely the time when it could be construed as being so? Beverley Hughes is similarly insisting her departure is not linked to the Telegraph's revelations.

It's understandable that they wish to leave enough time for their succeeding Labour candidate to be chosen and installed but surely, with the general election due in around May next year, they could easily have delayed their announcements until such time as the furore has died down.

Or is there something they know about the scheduling of the next election which they aren't telling us?

UPDATE: And another one, Tom Watson. Autumn it is then.


Anonymous said...

Her work here is done.
She Introduced the smoking ban(and she knew that passive smoking harm was crap),now she is reaping her reward with a Big Pharma directorship. I wonder if she receives a cut in NRT sales as a part of the deal.

nannyknowsbest said...

We must leave no stone unturned, no skeleton left in a cupboard, no crime unpunished and no lie undetected.

She may WISH to retire into Big Pharma and reap the "rewards" of her treason but, sadly for her, Karma, Natural Justice (call it what you want) WILL get her and all her other criminals.

The die is cast, the process has begun and, yes, she WILL spend time in prison - and the "mighty" will go from "VIP" status to a prison number status.

Personally, I will not rest until this becomes fact - and nor will millions of others.

The anger is far too great for a simple "resignation" to suffice.

We are out for "blood" and, until we get it, we will not rest.

I SO hope she enjoys her retirement (while it lasts).

The compass has moved and, they simply do not "get it".

They WILL soon.

Anonymous said...

The average 'Joe' public are not going to be appeased with the fact that these thieving bastards are 'stepping down' They want them to be 'stepping up' to a hangmans noose.
What will happen now ? Another years wages and dodgy expenses and then a golden fucking handshake ? Then the lucrative directorships within the pharmaceutical and 'health' industries.
We need mob rule to drag these thieving bunch of wankers out of their second homes and strung up.