Tuesday 9 June 2009

"They'll Just Have To Die"

At least the fictional DeVille only wanted Dalmatians dead, the real one (above) is happy to see humans dying in order to save a little bit of NHS money.

The clip below is what Jane DeVille-Almond (not only unspeakably evil, but a nut too) came out with on live radio this morning. Anti-smokers have always been bigoted, hateful cunts, but I think this woman has reached new depths, don't you?

She describes herself as a 'Nurse Consultant' on her web-site, where she advertises her services.

Jane runs training courses for nurses, doctors and other health care professionals throughout the UK and has also worked in Europe and the Far East.

Yes, that's right. She advocates a policy of allowing people to die and she trains nurses and doctors. I'm not sure the National Death Service blog quite intended the description to be as literal as that, but there you go.

This anti-smoker jihad, because that's about the only way to describe it, is reaching fanatical proportions now. When someone, anyone, feels that it is acceptable to talk about allowing others to die simply because they disagree with their lifestyle, we are talking a new healthist religion based on pure hatred and the power of money over humanity.

It wouldn't be quite so stunningly vile if there was any credibility in the mathematics. As Mark Wadsworth quite rightly points out, these are merely one-sided statistics designed to further stigmatise a perfectly legal activity. Smokers pay many times more into the tax system than they take out.

The originators are the British Heart Foundation, by the way. You may wish to remember that the next time someone asks you to sponsor them for the London to Brighton bike ride, or when one of their little red tins is rattled in your face outside Tesco. Your pennies would be better spent on a proper charity which doesn't stir up prejudice and bigotry on the back of over £4m of our taxes.

On the plus side. A thick, blinkered shitstick, as is Cruella, will be blissfully unaware that setting off along this road is a start to a completely privatised health service where demand for her services will be more strictly monitored. Once the precedent is set, drinkers, those who eat the wrong foods, participants in dangerous sports, all are fair game for extra charges. Then onto those who injure themselves doing something they shouldn't ... and how long before not adhering to health and safety directives makes your injury 'self-inflicted' and liable to an extra charge?

If it brings down the archaic structure of a health service that is 60 years out-of-date and unfit for purpose, in favour of something sensible which cuts out waste including, dare I say it, idiotic 'nurse consultants' who add no value whatso-fucking-ever, then I'm all for it.

In the meantime, though, let's hope this disgusting, arrogant, hideous cunt, who has made her living leeching off the NHS, is repaid for her trousering of our taxes by contracting something MRSA-like and dying painfully on a trolley in a hospital corridor which hasn't been cleaned due to budget cuts.

Considering her earlier comments, I think I'm being quite generous there.


BritBloke said...

Spot on Dick. It's time we fronted these fascist bastards up.

Screaming Banshee said...

I hope you don't mind, but I have linked to your blog post

Dick Puddlecote said...

No probs, Banshee. Spread it wide and loud.

I was thinking that a letter to the BMA might be in order.

Anonymous said...

Fucking bitch I hope she dies a painful death

Unknown said...

What bloody evil bitch she really is! I wonder how many anti tobacco fuckwads agree with this lower species of womanhood!!!

I'd happily punch the cow in the face.

B7 said...

Can't someone perform a free operation on this low lifes mouth.

Some nice jagged stitching would be nice.

Helen said...

Well I hope that this thing (masquerading as a female in a supposedly caring profession) never comes anywhere near my neck of the woods.

She'd be lynched for coming out with a statement like that.

Anyone like her is not welcome in our country.

Not even those who want to die have the right to die in this country.

I don't agree with capital punishment, but let's face it, serious murderers in our prisons are costing a hell of a lot of money, yet law-abiding smoking citizens should be left to die?

Come off it - they're contributing billions to the coffers.

This 'thing' needs to get real.
I am sorry, but I cannot describe 'thing' as a human being, never mind a woman from a so-called caring profession.

Anonymous said...

What's so upsetting is the smug, self-righteous attitude of this dimwit 'caring profesional. The death of humane medicine indeed.


Anonymous said...

The holocaust began in hospitals, by state doctors. Nicely, kindly terminating some unfortunates and ended gassing 80 000 people a day burst peak.

Anonymous said...

She isn't going to die a horribe death. She will live to a very old age artificially prolonged by her taxpayer-sponsored private health insurance.

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a good final scenario, but can we add in that she contracted MRSA during an operation to remove a scalpel or something that had been sewn up inside her in a previous operation years ago and which had been causing her significant pain ever since?

Ta for link.

DaveA said...

You can make a formal complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council and here is the emaill address.


Cate Munro said...

Dick, I quit a couple of years ago - because I chose to. I still fully endorse the right of people to smoke and think this woman needs hanging the fuck up!!!

BTS said...

Well, if we adopted her approach, it certainly would help them to meet those targets..

Of course, I do trust that she would take the same stance with children who just keep on swallowing things, climbing things, playing sports..

Unknown said...

Great post Dick, thanks.

Please send your letter to the BMA.

While you're at it, can you also send one to the new Health Secretary Andy Bunkum...I'm sure he would dearly love to know what kind of human excrement he sucks' up to!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for the e-mail address DaveA. I've sent a message of complaint there as well as to the BMA.

Anyone else angry enough to fire something off?


Dick Puddlecote said...

And Andy Burnham too, Chris. With sound file attached.


Anonymous said...

Do you have access to the full interview? Would like to hear what she said after that outrageous statement. I'd like to get this onto a site in the US, our government is trying to go down the NHS path and I fear we will get attitudes like this Cruella here....

Dick Puddlecote said...

The whole phone-in is available here until Sunday. Though I think it's only available to UK IP addresses.

Jay said...

I hope this bitch never gets besten up by a smoker, to put it nicely. Cause she deserves a damn good beating up for wishing people who smoke oughta die.

I linked this to my own blog at: http://prossmoker.net

Michael J. McFadden said...

::sigh:: I *know* that I saw the exact quote in print in the context of an article someplace but I am totally unable to find it right now. If anyone has it at hand can you send it to me at my Cantiloper name over on AOL?

Many thanks!

Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"

occam said...

so would the headwands getting worked up here happily give repeated liver transplants to alcoholics who continue to drink?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Occam: They have paid for it throughout their lives. Who the fuck are you to take their money on false pretences. The input of taxes should be addressed first before you can possibly talk about stopping outputs.

If you wish to restrict care, give the choice of opting out of NI payments. I'd be very happy with that as it would severely restrict knob-ends like DeVille-Almond.

Either the NHS pays for everything and can take our money on pain of imprisonment, or it is optional and they can pick and choose who they treat.

Unfortunately, cunts like this woman want the world on a stick. Income for her wages but no outlay. And all based on one-sided equations in the first place.

Anonymous said...

you stupid [people why don't you listen to the whole show this women was simply saying what will happen not what she wants to happen. You just want to hang someone cus you are angry and the clip you are airing has been taken out of context. That git Nicky Campbel was trying to wind you soft f...ers up using some poor bird to do it.

Anonymous said...

Will someone tell this silly lady
" Keep your eyes open for the


Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon @ 19th July:

The quote was not taken out of context. I listened to the entire show and recorded the clip. The reason it ends so abruptly is that there was a stunned silence after she said that, of about 2 seconds.

Nicky Campbell is a confirmed anti-smoker. He would have been as crushed by her response as I was gleeful that the idiotic fuckwit actually said it on national radio.

You call her 'some poor bird' and that she didn't really wish this to happen? You really are deluded, are you not?

If you had truly heard the whole show, you would have heard her say time and again, in the hour she was given, that she wanted to see this measure imposed in NHS hospitals.

When the very next caller said she should be struck off for saying what she had just done, she showed no remorse, but instead insisted that she was correct.

She is a rotten bigoted and hate-filled cunt. The BNP have nothing on this offence to humanity.

I respectfully beg to differ. OK?

John Loghry said...

I am so glad that I was able to find a posting about this subject, and even more relieved that it wasn't run and operated by some anti-smoking evil. This aura of change is just downright redundant. It's time to stand! These campaigns of anti-smokers were easily set up because they had the right connections in congress, and other communities. Let's make those same connections. Please email me at * adhdlaw3@mchsi.com * so that we may ban together and make this difference, and not settle for some low-level ammendment. It's time for us to make the difference!


John Loghry said...

Why did we put up with this for so long? Are we not as strong? Do we not have the same commanding voice? Stop reading this, and email me!

Anonymous said...

In the wake of a post by Tom Harris on Dan Hannan's NHS remarks, I've posted about this woman and linked to here.

the other Jay

smoky said...

See her website has went down.

Wonder why?

Chris Rendall said...

These anti-smokers all have something in common, I wonder what it could be... Wasn't Adolf Hitlet an anti smoker too? It's almost like a pattern. Something else I don't know if many people who have noticed. you can really tell a smoker from an anti smoker. An anti smoker seems to always be highly strung (I wished that bitch was hung) whereas a smoker is quite often calm and quite often in deep thought. Recent history can prove it. Take Mr Hitler for example, ever see any of his speaches? The guy always looked like he was going to burst a vessel! On the other side, Sir Winston Churchill....... smoker!, the one who defeated Hitler, when he did his speaches he quite often seemed calm and collected. So the evil cow we just listened to is deminising the likes of Churchill, Einstein, Alexandra Graham Bell and at the same time, using fairly similar methods to her fellow anti smoker...........ADOLF HITLER!

V Hale said...

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/224171_5860194485_1710_n.jpg Jane having some cream with her strawberries. Naughty! Best get the plain packs out or else the cholesterol will kill her.

Sue Swbk said...

I'll help. I hate bitches!

Sue Swbk said...

Alcohol next on the EU agenda! http://www.theparliament.com/latest-news/article/newsarticle/ngos-have-high-hopes-for-eu-action-plan-on-alcohol/?