Wednesday 3 June 2009

White Noise

Via OH, Michael White in the Guardian, makes an impassioned plea for voters to ignore the calamity of Labour and just vote for them again - on the basis that the alternative might not be better.

Very amusing partisan desperation, of course, but this small section raised a particularly wide smile.

Even those who have been given a clean bill of health by the Daily Telegraph know they are all tarred with the same brush – as the BBC's attitude survey (at least half of all MPs are corrupt, voters believe) confirms this morning.

That's not quite true. Reading West's Martin Salter, who never claimed a second-home allowance – he commutes, like many of his constituents – had previously decided to stand down. Now supporters are urging him to change his mind.

Michael White may well have chosen a different MP as a virtuous example if he'd seen this from Salter's former Labour PLP neighbour, Jane Griffiths.

Anyway, I am given to understand that although I named Martin Salter MP [on Radio 4] as having claimed Additional Costs Allowance for an non-existent London property between 1997 and 2001, they edited out his name.

So White's straw-clutching is the best he can come up with to advocate voting Labour, using as a preamble an apparently squeaky clean MP who has stepped down, but who has been accused of dodginess by a former Labour MP ... who herself was deselected prior to filing for bankruptcy.

It's all falling apart for Labour, isn't it? Superb.

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Lawson said...

I suspect a lot of the BDSM community would dearly love to see Salter MP slowly asphyxiated. Just deserts and all that.