Wednesday 3 June 2009

Calling London

It would appear that Hairy Moneyballs is getting a tad worried. How else does one describe the rancid, dog-whistling bullshit she is spouting of late.

Never averse to barking racist and sexist insults on the flimsiest of evidence, she has excelled even herself with an almost obsessive series of articles, cross-referenced and dubbed 'a dossier', about how the Tories are a closet BNP. Seriously, I'm not making this up.

Her sectionable thinking centres on fourth placed Tory choice for London, Jean-Paul Floru. Apparently he's a froth-at-the-mouth racist, sexist, and child molester, according to the most useless shard of fuckwitted, socialist, lunatic excrement ever to suck up our taxes in Brussels.

Honeyball described Floru as "an articulate libertarian" in May after a debate in Wandsworth. Reading between the lines, he must have slaughtered her on the night (probably not difficult judging from the crap she writes) as she has done nothing since but attempt to portray him as Josef Mengele reincarnated.

I want to highlight the real face of David Cameron’s Conservatives. Let’s be clear. Although the Tories will not win four seats in London, if during the next five years one of the Conservative MEPs moves on to take up another job or leaves the European Parliament for some other reason, then the next person on the list who wishes to take up the position becomes an MEP.

That seems to be a tacit acceptance that the Tories will definitely not do worse than the three they managed in 2004. Only a fool would claim otherwise in the current circumstances. Is it entirely 'clear', though, that Labour couldn't be wiped out enough to hand Floru his seat? We shall see, I suppose.

Should he fail to get in this time, Honeyball's reasoning for Floru being co-opted in the future is laughably tenuous, but she has spent a lot of her time (paid for by us) in researching to rubbish him anyway ... he must have given her a right shoe-ing in Wandsworth, that's all I can surmise.

When Theresa Villiers MEP became a MP in 2005 she stood down from the European Parliament and right wing Libertarian supporter Syed Kamall replaced her as an MEP by moving up the list.

Syed Kamall has attended the Libertarian Alliance conference as a key speaker. The views of his Libertarian friends are deeply unpleasant including arguments against restricting abusive and child pornography.

As you can imagine, Kamall's involvement was nothing more subversive than a speech entitled "The Dilemmas of a Free Trade Liberal in the European Parliament", whilst his 'friends' were not arguing against restricting child pornography at all. The document she obviously didn't read before knuckling her keyboard at the behest of her lumpen brain, discussed merely pornography. It was very clear about this, and advocated child pornographers being ostracised by highlighting the difference between the two.

Drive the sellers of dirty pictures and of dirty deeds into the same
market, and those selling dirty deeds will do a lot more business.
But if the law distinguishes sharply between these two trades, the
sellers of dirty deeds will be socially isolated.

Don't take my word for it, read it yourself. It has nothing to do with relaxing restrictions on child pornography at all. And it isn't written by the person she is trying to smear. He probably doesn't even know it exists.

Guilt by association, an association fabricated by lies. It is so very Labour.

Floru's 'racism' is similarly nonsensical. He knows some people in Belgium who Honeyball considers racist. Seeing as Honeyball condemns the immigration policies of the USA, Australia, and Canada as racist incarnate, that's not a lot of racism really.

"The Tories are little better. Their proposed five point system for allowing people into Britain is discriminatory, designed to keep people they see as undesirable out, surely a racist policy if ever there was one."

So why is she spending so much time on this? Could it be that she is worried about her own skin perhaps? To guarantee one seat, London list candidates require 11.11% of the vote. Last time out, Labour managed 24.8% and will surely fall below that after tomorrow.

With Labour polling alongside UKIP, Honeyball must be hoping beyond hope that the Conservatives won't pull in that fourth place candidate. Even her second slot on the Labour list may then become vulnerable.

Every time I read this ridiculous fucktard's blog, it further emphasises that we really shouldn't be in the EU. This vacuous bitch is getting rich on our taxes despite being entirely irrelevant and possessed of a jaw-dropping lack of regard for anyone with whom she disagrees. Her politics consist of throwing indefensible insults around like some naive, psychotic college undergraduate. In short, she is barking, yet she costs us in excess of £350,000 per year.

This is why I am voting UKIP tomorrow, and PLEASE, if you live in London, vote anyone but Labour. Tell your friends too because this woman is fucking embarrassing to our country and an insult to common decency.


Cate Munro said...

Hear Hear Dick! She a bloody lunatic

Anonymous said...

Surely anyone who goes out tomorrow and puts a cross next to Labour are the same idiots that got them in power in the first place.
If they haven't learned then they deserve all that they get.

Mrs Rigby said...

So that's why Daily Politics was plugging the SS and Nazi links after PMQ today.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for the link.

I once emailed S Kamall and he seems a pretty decent bloke (his replies were friendly and informative) but I'll still be voting UKIP tomorrow of course.