Thursday 11 June 2009

Rounding Up Potential Free Thinkers

The government has found a way of sorting out the sticky problem of children who are mercifully free from the clutches of Labour's brainwashing programme school system.

Home educating families in England will have to register annually and demonstrate they are providing a suitable education, a report says.

A review of home education recommends children be sent back to school if parents do not meet certain standards.

Perhaps home educators aren't holding enough diversity/equality lessons, or are failing to teach their kids how to spot a terrorist on every street corner.

Remember that this move is in addition to ContactPoint, the database the government holds on every child in the UK from birth. The reasoning for ContactPoint, according to the DCSF, is ...

ContactPoint is a quick way for practitioners to find out who else is working with the same child or young person, making it easier to deliver coordinated support.

The programme's goal is to improve the health, well-being and safety of all children.

So, comprehensive details of every kid in the land are required to be logged by government to ensure their safety. Yet they are still not safe it would seem, seeing as the same scare tactic is being used to grease the wheels of this idea too, as usual with the help from the state-sponsored 'charity' sector.

Vijay Patel, policy adviser for the NSPCC children's charity, also sees the need for a review. "Some people use home education to hide. Look at the Victoria Climbié case. No one asked where she was at school."

How shocking! It doesn't matter that Victoria Climbié wasn't home educated, which led to a low-key apology from the NSPCC earlier this month, as effective press placement had already created the scare and spread it widely on the back of an untruth. Job done.

Still, maybe it won't be so bad as long as there isn't an overbearing authority heavily dictating how parents should teach their kids.

Mr Badman said he did not wish to be overly prescriptive regarding what constituted a suitable education, and has asked the government to review a statutory definition.

One can almost hear the orgasmic cries from the civil service as huge rolls of red tape are ordered, and sturdy pens prepared for marathon box-ticking sessions.


Sue said...

I'm just glad I don't have young children anymore. I'd be arrested for being a dissident if I did!

Mark Wadsworth said...

To be fair, some home-schoolers are probably a bit wierd, but you can't legislate against that sort of thing.

Whether wierdo parents are brainwashing their kids 24/7 or just 16 hours a day plus all day weekends is neither here nor there, and no concern of the taxpayer (who saves a few bob if people do home-schooling).

Anonymous said...

No doubt the parents will be expected to pay for this "service".

Have those responsible for this tosh actually produced a home schooled child that has been found to be abused ?

Paul said...

MW: Some are a bit strange but the majority are just ordinary parents wanting the best for their kids. Without being either brainwashed by the state or suffering harm through its institutions.

I should know - I was home educated myself.