Monday 8 June 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Viewing some of last night's Euro election coverage from the building site that is my home at the moment, it was amusing to see one delusional Labourite after another trotting out their own interpretations of why their support deserted them.

They have seemingly convinced themselves firstly that it was the expenses issue which has slayed them, and secondly that the BNP success was bad but ... err ... not their fault. They really don't get it, do they?

Andy Burnham, yet again appearing to possess the personality of a piece of cardboard, with political dynamism to match, reacted to the public's brutal arse-fucking of his party by blathering on about how sad it was for democracy that the BNP had managed to get two MEPs elected.

Pardon me, but it's the exact opposite. I'm not a politics graduate, but I always believed that the votes of the people were the driving force behind democracy. Burnham (and assorted other knob-cheeses wheeled out for the MSM today) seem to think that democracy is only such when the public vote for who the righteous consider acceptable.

I'm certainly no fan of the BNP, but surely the fact that just shy of a million voters supported them, despite the widespread warnings from all major parties, would suggest that the Lib/Lab/Con powerhouse have got something very badly wrong.

It's not a failure of democracy, you wibbling fool, it's proof that posturing twats like you have pitifully failed to address the concerns of a large proportion of your electorate.

Harriet Harman was also spouting drivel this morning on 5 live, blaming it all on the expenses scandal. Her reasoning for the effect only being felt in extremis by Labour, was bizarre. Apparently, it's because Labour voters expect Tories to cheat, but are disgusted when Labour politicians do so. She mentioned hard-working families (natch) and how they are struggling to pay their bills while MPs appear to be taking the proverbial.

I suppose she may be partly correct, but how does she square her fantasy view of Labour as the party which looks after the poor, with the fact that her government have introduced hundreds of new laws, backed by RIPA and other instruments, which all seem to end with crippling fines for the most minor of trangressions?

Is it just rich people who get stung for £80 when they drop a cigarette butt, Harriet? Do those on minimum wage get a discount when the council use Labour's guidelines to charge them for putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin? Who will be most affected by being caught by one of your soon-to-be-rolled-out-everywhere-except-the-Isle-of-Lundy average speed cameras, a stockbroker or a bin man?

Labour failed dismally simply because they have completely forgotten which type of person has always voted for them. The higher echelons of Labour may now be champagne socialists, but the guys who finish their day with bitumen-covered overalls aren't.

It is quite fitting that Labour should have suffered their worst poll result for 100 years as it was probably that long ago since working class people have been as contemptuously ignored, derided and demonised.

Armies of wardens and state-paid snoopers roam the streets looking to inflict a hefty sum for innocuous and irrelevant misdeeds, Labour have mooted taxing chocolate, banning happy hours, increasing alcohol prices, and have condemned 12 million smokers as undesirable and not worthy of a voice. You may notice that all the aforementioned are disproportionately enjoyed by the less well-off ... who are more inclined, usually, to vote Labour.

They have cheated on consultations, lied as to the reasoning for legislation, forced through authoritarian rules which hit the poorest hardest, and not even bothered to try to find out what their core vote think about it all.

As for racism, Labour can idealise as much as they like, but tribalism, being a human frailty, will never be entirely eradicated and, in my experience, it is discernibly more prevalent the further down the social scale you go.

Lastly, after a Euro election in which voters sent a massive hint that we really don't want to be in the EU, not one Labour politician (that I have heard) mentioned the fact that Labour reneged on their promise of a referendum.

This is the first time since 2005 that the mass of disaffected voters have had a chance to say what they think of Labour. They are fed up with being hectored, they are angry at being lied to, and incensed that the economy is hurting them yet there is no let up to the all-encompassing dictatorial nature of this administration. They probably might like to go to the pub to forget it all, but if it hasn't closed already (thanks to another Labour manifesto lie from 2005), it's no doubt been turned from a working man's local into a gastro-bar or a wacky warehouse to try to stay afloat.

Labour have only themselves to blame for their predicament. Not the expenses, not the BNP, just pure unadulterated arrogance on their part in marginalising their natural support.

Fortunately for a Labour-hater, they don't seem to have spotted the problem, so let's keep it under our hats, eh? With any luck, this lot of self-regarding cock-sockets will spend the time till the general election further disenfranchising those on whom they would normally rely, and be unelectable for a generation or more.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mrs R in the comments for this.

A teacher claims he was removed from a bus by police after he stubbed a cigarette out on the pavement.

Stephen Cook, 49, from Finsbury Park, was outside Archway Tube station when he threw his cigarette on to the pavement. He said five wardens appeared to issue him with a £50 fine. Mr Cook, who said there were no ashtrays outside the station, refused to accept it and walked away to catch a bus.

He said Islington wardens called the police and minutes later they arrived with sirens sounding to tell him to get off the bus and accept the fine.

Just to recap. This is Labour, who are striving for the very best conditions for those tasked with providing education (education, education) in our country ... unless it contravenes their authoritarianism and money-spunking.

Yep, it's the expenses stuff that stole their votes, without doubt (Shhhh!).


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. Although BNP voters are by and large also a bunch of whiney-moanies who blame everything on somebody else.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary, Dick.

I heard Hain (I think) describing the battering Labour has taken as a message from 'the people' that they just want Labour to 'get on with the job'.

How is it possible to be this deluded?


Witterings from Witney said...

Hells Bells DP, a nice long rant and not one mention of Mary Honeyball who has just been re-elected - not gone soft on her, have you?

Anonymous said...

Dare we think that the politicians might be getting the message ??

Pavlov's Cat said...

Well said Sir.

Mrs Rigby said...

(Private / off-topic comment - you might be interested in this )

Dick Puddlecote said...

WfW: The daft bitch snuck back in but at least there is plenty of laugh out loud material for the future. (she still won't approve even the most polite question about her lying, by the way)

Mrs R: Thanks for that. Worth a small update.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post; likewise I have no time for the BNP but on Monday BBC Radio 4 News spent the day failing to mention that they had gained two seats in the Euro Parliament. That might not be good news but news it certainly is.

Sue said...

Nick Griffin has more right to be in government than half the unelected excuses in power at the moment. At least he WAS elected!