Monday 29 June 2009

Proportional Implementation

You can see now how fair British justice is, can't you? Kill three young people, get fined £640. Drop a fag end, get fined £400.

There's a fine deconstruction available of this story about self-aggrandisement at Cambridge Council, if you enjoy good writing.

"The council says butts are difficult for street cleaners to pick up, and they can be dangerous for birds and other wildlife, which pick them up thinking they are food".

Difficult to pick up, eh? Tell you what, take some of that £9 BILLION we give you every year and buy some street vacuum cleaners.

The whole piece is here. Enjoy (or get angry, one of the two).


Screaming Banshee said...

I read this and it made my blood boil.

Why are we being treated like a disease?

The sooner we get rid of this government the quicker we can try to recover from the damage done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Mr P.

I should have passed it on to you for a throrough going over, complete with some of your (and my) favourite Anglo-Saxon, erm, colouring.

We have to try and keep it clean over at F2C, and it is very hard sometimes....but, enough of my sexual prowess.

Thanks again.


marley said...

None of this alters the fact that a lot of smokers litter has been there for the best part of a couple of years already. A recent visit to my local NHS store showed a lot of fag ends that had been weathered for a long time and therefore been left deliberately so as to 'big up' the litter problem. Easy innit, ignore the litter for lets say 12 months, and then go apeshit because the 'dirty smokers' make a mess. When it rains though, that ruins the argument, my street yesterday was washed clean of half a ton of crap that my local binmen left last tuesday along with half a dozen fag ends as well.

Unknown said...

I may have missed something but it is odd that on reading some of the comments on the original article, nobody seems to have picked up on the fact that there are more fag ends on the streets since the smoking ban.

Easy peasy, amend the bloody smoking ban and that will help clear up the streets from both fag ends and the crowds of us folks cluttering the pavement.

It really doesn't take brain of Britain to work that one out.

banned said...

"£15 victim surcharge", piss taking cunts.

b said...

I noticed this charming comment from Gene on the article this morning:

"This jerk gave a false name and refused to pay the original bill. Now he goes crying. And he smokes too. What a piece of work. He should be fined for existing."

Err.. excuse me?

A touch on the rabid side perhaps?

But hang on a minute, we are fined for existing - it's called tax you little fuckwit.