Sunday 14 June 2009

Dumping Through Hoops

Following the extensive makeover of Chez Puddlecote, a trip to the dump was necessary yesterday to dispose of the various items of building waste, wood, surplus plasterboard and flooring, old appliances, and discarded cabinets. I've read about the fact that the word 'dump' isn't an accurate description anymore (no longer do you turn up, dump your rubbish, then go home) but had not thus far experienced for myself the exercise of running around over a dozen mega-skips, putting each different material in its rightful place. And if you turn up with old kitchen appliances, as we did, you are viewed almost as an eco-terrorist.

It was aptly amusing, then, to see this guy on TV last night talking of the same subject. In particular, the disposal of a fridge. It's a funny clip throughout but the part that struck a chord with us is at 5 minutes onward.

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Anonymous said...

The local 'civil amenity' is not in the least bit civil.
The jackbooted officials are pig ignorant and are your 'betters'