Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Best One Yet

Of all the #ivenevervotedtory spoofs, I reckon this effort from Raedwald is my fave.

As Curmudgeon points out in the comments, though, the Tories have yet to wake up and pledge to do anything about it.



Furor Teutonicus said...

Remember Spike Milöligans "Q7",....or "Q8"....or nowever many there were, when at points they would wander around on stage chanting "What are we going to do now"?

Well that will be the Conservatives IF they win the election.

Curmudgeon said...

It's a very good reason NOT to vote Labour, of course - but I suspect in working-class areas the BNP will be the chief beneficiaries.

Anonymous said...

I've more or less given up on the Tories over the last 6 months. As I don't consider myself exceptional, I imagine many other people have too.

My prefence, come the Big Day will be UKIP, but I'll happily vote BNP if it appears they are better placed in my constituency to cause maximum damage to the major parties.

What a sad predicament in which to find oneself, having to indulge in negative voting because the Tories have walked away from an open goal.

Anonymous said...

Labour activists and canvassers are allready in posession of copies
of a letter from David Cameron
showing his full support for a
total ban,ready for the questions
on the doorstep.I will be ensuring
that Labour activists in 25 NORTHERN
marginals get ample quantities of these copies(No problem @ £5 per 1000)

PS And I hate the Socialist Scum

No Smoke/No Vote

Anonymous said...

Well, my neighbouring ward is Leigh -home of Andy Burnham Health Secretary.

He's already gone around all the labour clubs and advised them that it was the tories that made them instigate the blanket ban and not them. So has Neil Turner of the Wigan Constituency. I have it in writing from Neil, but only as hearsay from Andy (pity).

To top it all, Joe Bloggs and all in Wigan & Leigh actually believe this!

Unfortunately, many of those who have seen the light are voting BNP. That is their choice though, and I feel that it is better than a labour vote albeit I personally would have placed my vote elsewhere.