Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Commenter Of The Day

Over at Dan Hannan's Telegraph blog, commenter Velocity airs some astute observations.

The Tories look like a duck (socialist), quack like a duck (socialist) and act like a duck (socialist). Sopping wet spineless Tory policy is so close to Labour and Liberals on ALL major issues you can’t get a fag paper between their chummy big folds of fat of this grotesquely obese socialist State.


Pro EU
Pro War
Pro Bus
Pro Train
Pro Nanny State
Pro Police State
Pro Spy Cameras
Pro Speed Cameras
Pro State License of Utilties
Pro Health & Safety Gestapo
Pro Obese Public Sector Spending
Pro Propping Up the entire Socialist State
Anti Car
Anti Drugs
Anti Drinks
Anti Smoking
Anti Tax Cuts
Anti Prostitution
Anti Constitution
Anti EU Referendum
Anti Free Competitive Market Solutions

It's difficult to knock more than a couple of those over, to be honest.

ADDENDUM: Anti Grammar schools too.

A growing number of people want to see more grammar schools, despite a lack of support for them from the Labour and Conservative parties, a study suggests.


Witterings from Witney said...


Not being pedantic but with all those 'pros', how can they be anti-prostitution?

Just asking.......

Anonymous said...

For all intents and purposes the
three main parties are in essence
one Party,The Westminster Party.
They are not,of the people,for the
people or indicitive of the will of the people,they have become quite simply traitors to the ordinary citizens of this nation.
They obey distant masters and drink
eagerly from the poisoned chalice of shadowy influences.They wave
aloft flimsy polls and surveys to
justify their draconian measures
against the weak and powerless.
They have abused the trust of the
ordinary man to such a degree that
they are no longer worthy of any
form of respect. They are now
in simple terms ,not fit for purpose,surplus to requirement.

Last Orders

paulo said...


Hear hear!


Anonymous said...

They are no longer our government.
They are our enemy.

dunhillbabe said...

Dick - there is one area where there's some'clear blue water'. I understand he Tories intend to repeal the ban on hunting.... Tally Ho!

Daniel1979 said...

Velocity is clearly spot on, and I think more and more people are realising it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Anon 20:48 - 100% correct.

And there's another Pro: The entire warmist agenda.