Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More Of This In The UK Please

I may not know much about Ukrainian politics ...

Mary Dejevsky: Ukraine is at last throwing off the shackles of the Cold War

This election was fought by and for Ukrainians, with no outside meddling
... but I know what I like.

SEVERAL young topless women barged into a Ukrainian polling station, rowdily protesting before a candidate cast his ballot.

Now THAT is electoral passion!


Leg-iron said...

That's it!

That's how we get at least half of the missing 60-70% into the polling station. Boobies! Add a few musclemen in tiny trunks and the women will be there too.

How we get them out again afterwards is a different matter.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Can I have the blonde one on the right of the picture please?

Chuckles said...

An excited titter ran through the crowd.

I trust that local parties will be making similar arrangements

Angry Exile said...

Now THAT is electoral passion!

I'll say it is. Insulation tape to the nipples? Above and beyond, ladies, above and beyond.