Thursday, 11 February 2010

Democracy In Action

I never knew that MSPs were so bound to the whims of their constituents. Apparently, according to thistle-munching arch public health bansturbator, Nicola Sturgeon, if you live in Glasgow Govan, she is obliged do anything you ask.

Nicola Sturgeon lobbied court for benefits fraudster

Alex Salmond’s number two wrote a letter of support for Abdul Rauf prior to him being sentenced for defrauding £80,000 from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

She referred to Rauf’s crimes, which include a previous conviction for stealing £60,000, as “mistakes” and appealed to the court to “consider alternatives to a custodial sentence”.

Miss Sturgeon, the Glasgow Govan MSP, admitted she knew about the fraudster’s criminal record, but claimed she was duty bound to represent her constituent.

I reckon there are more than a few Govan constituents who would like her to lobby against minimum alcohol pricing on their behalf. If you know any, just get them to write to her, as apparently she must do it. While they're at it, get them to tell her she is duty bound to ask for a fair amendment to the smoking ban, too.

Hey, if she's fine with backing proven benefit cheats, I'm sure she will be more than happy to help law-abiding taxpayers who favour self-determination and freedom of choice.

Just drop her a line at her constituency office and her wish is your command.


Anonymous said...

Two words explain why she took up this fraudster's case - "abdul" and "rauf". Righteous fuckwits.

Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

So The SNP lot are as shitty as Labour!

Demetrius said...

If Harold Shipman had been one of her constituents it would have been interesting to see her take this line.

Sam Duncan said...

Oldrighty: Oh hell, yes. Without the coloured rosettes, it's tough to tell them apart, frankly.

There is, allegedly, a small-government, free-market liberal wing of the Nats, but I've seen precious little evidence of it in power, and as far as I can see it's on a hiding to nothing. Much like its counterpart in the LibDems, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

Nicola Sturgeon
The very mention of this Pictish,
perverted,kilted Trot agitates the
evil intents normally dormant in the hearts of simple men.
Which Haggis nibbling,goatherding,
croft dwelling SemiCelts actually
vote for this demented tartan
tartlette.Is Govan a suburb of Glasgow or Ulan Bator. How can people who live in the British Isles be so demented to fall for
Mc Schmucks like Sturgeon.

A Briton

Anonymous said...

Why are the top two people in the SNP named after fish?

Sam Duncan said...

I've often wondered that, Anon. All they need is Captain Haddock and they've got the set.

(It's too obvious to point out that there's always been something fishy about the Nats. Won't stop me, though.)

Anonymous said...

No surprise that Sturgeon bends over for her Muslim constituents. She's spent the last five years burying her tongue up their ringpieces. Never forget she was the one who was "outraged" that anyone criticise Muslim women for wearing the veil.

The SNP are banking on the Muslim vote and have devoted a lot of time and effort cultivating them. I very much doubt she would have written that letter if "Abdul" had been an "Andy"