Saturday, 27 February 2010

Link Tank 27/02

This week's Saturday smorgasbord.

Climategate isn't the first time the IPCC have been caught cooking the books

Ironic T-shirts in which to be arrested

The inherent evil of the righteous - how 10,000 drinkers died after being purposely poisoned by the US government during Prohibition

An update on Germany's topless sledge racing, mentioned a couple of weeks ago (with better pics this time)

Ron Paul shows that the Libertarian steamroller is at full speed in the US

The top 10 dangerous foods

"Only a matter of time" until Pole Dancing is an Olympic sport

Soon we may be able to read and write information directly into our brain

Interactive, age related, map of the best places in America to get oral sex

Nanny is winning. Kids are now more boring than their parents

Tobacco control continue to forcibly silence debate

ALL food should carry warning labels

Emergency shipment of condoms on its way to Olympic athletes

Have Italian judges broken the internet?


Fausty said...

About 17% of food-related asphyxiations in those younger than 10 are caused by hot dogs, according to a 41-state study cited in the paper.

About 100% of sexually-transmitted diseases are caused by sex.

Should we ban sex?

bayard said...

It'll be next, after smoking and drinking, banned except for strictly procreational purposes between married couples.