Friday, 26 February 2010

Now THAT'S How To Celebrate Gold!

Marie-Philip Poulin, Tessa Bonhomme and Meghan Agosta toast winning Ice Hockey Gold in Vancouver with beer, champagne and cigars.

Needless to say, it didn't go down too well with the IOC.

Even once in a lifetime achievements are no excuse when dealing with the righteously disapproving. Oh no.

UPDATE: Perhaps it's a Canadian thing. Their male gold medallists prefer a whole pitcher of beer.


Oldrightie said...

Joy To The World is very much not something Bilderbergers condone, Dick. Dangerous thing a happy crowd!

Demetrius said...


opsimath said...

Well done, ladies - and thank you for keeping old traditions alive!

Angry Exile said...

Oh no. Why did they have to go and spoil a great achievement by being so silly? I'm not referring to celebrating with cigars and beer spoiling the win, but the needless apology to the health nazis spoiling the celebration.

Gilbert Felli, the IOC's executive director of the Olympic Games, said... "I don't think it's a good promotion of sport values."

How very strength through joy of you. Go fuck yourself sideways with a hockey stick. The Canadian girls waited till the audience had left, and were even responsible enough to take an ashtray each on a ribbon around their necks. Nobody would even know about it if someone hadn't published the pictures and I feel sorry for the girls that as a result someone, no doubt some team management softcock, has apologised on their behalf. Hopefully they're all too busy continuing their celebrations with fantastic sex to notice.

helend498 said...

That's the best way to celebrate - and why not after such a great success.

Spartan said...

Note the comments on the article are in the region of 90% in favour of the girls and telling the IOC to go get fucked!

Go girls!

Bet Marlboro execs were dreaming of what might have been! ;-)

Leg-iron said...

Oh, yes.

Gold medal won by a bunch of smoky-drinkers.

Hooray for our side!

Anonymous said...

I think I heard on the radio this morning that the IOC's thinking of stripping them of their medals!!!

Wouldn't have thought they could do that since the medals were won, not a gift, but then the Righteous seem to believe they can ride roughshod over everything.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah !
Yea but I bet they wouldn't say it to their brave faces with no CCTV !They are "ice hockey players" .
I applaud them .