Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dick Out And About: The British Isles - Europe's Billy No Mates

UK and Ireland: Dictatorial EU extremists (link).


Spartan said...

Oh the irony ... an ex-USSR bloc country, Bulgaria, teaches us in the UK what democracy is.

Chuckles said...

Hardly surprising Spartan, the secret is the 'ex' in 'ex-USSR'.

We still have the Stalinists in charge.

Andy said...

I'm just back from a week in Bulgaria DP. Frankly I am not surprised they are introducing amendments. Most Bulgarians smoke, and they smoke virtually anywhere they like. I asked my ski instructor about the ban whilst he lit a marlboro in the (non-smoking) Gondola, and he said they would only put the ashtrays away while the health police inspected. As soon as they were gone the ashtrays would come back out. My tour guide in Sofia reckons that after 40 years of Stalinism, ordinary Bulgarians recognise opressive diktats, and know how to react to them.