Saturday, 27 February 2010

Jailed On A Government Whim

Isn't it lucky that Jack Straw and his buddies freed up all those prison cells?

A prisoner release scheme that has seen almost 80,000 criminals rel let out early will be scrapped next month

The emergency measure was introduced three years ago to ease overcrowding but has seen offenders let out up to 18 days early go on to commit more than 1,500 new crimes.
With all those criminals out and about in society, the state can set to work locking up opponents of their ideological flights of fancy instead.

A former pub landlord yesterday became the first person to be jailed in connection with the smoking ban.

Nick Hogan, 43, was sentenced to six months in prison for refusing to pay a fine imposed for flouting the legislation.
There is the usual rent-a-quote from ASH, again confusing compliance, at pain of fines and imprisonment, with popularity of the blanket ban as opposed to other solutions to a minor problem. But then, lies and deception are what she gets paid for, I suppose.

Interestingly, if Nick Hogan had been a Labour Lord, he may have fared better. He could have killed someone, only received a 12 week sentence, and would have been released in a couple of weeks time.

It's also interesting to note the majority of comments appended to the Mail article slating the smoking ban. How is that 'hugely popular' legislation working for ya, Labour?

The stench of this hideous administration becomes more rancid and overpowering by the day.

When's the election?

(You can join the Justice for Nick Hogan Facebook group here)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 4th Reich U.K.

Barking Spider said...

Disgusting - the sooner this rotten administration is gone, the better!

I already joined the FB group a few hours ago, DP, I had an email from them, courtesy of The Big Yin.

B7 said...

My family fought and smoked all the way through the 2nd world war to uphold freedoms.

They jail people for trying to uphold our freedoms today:-

Shame on you Gordon Brown, Government MPs and their lying ASH subsidary.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now we will see what our
battling Libertarian bloggers
have up their kilts
Anybody heard anything from MsLIBERTY or other twittering
Knights of Freedom and Justice.
Any volleys from the Google Fusiliers or broadsides from the
Dreadnoughts of Democracy.
Had this Landlord been a non smoking semtex tutor, the media
would have had the news at number one before JohnTerry or the Chilean

The Long March Mk2

Dominic Allkins said...

Went to have a look at the linked Mail article.

Comments can't be viewed any more... I wonder why??

Frank Davis said...

I've just been through all the comments under the Mail article, and I'd say they're about 70-80% in favour of Nick Hogan.

Quite a few of the messages of support were from non-smokers.

Of the comments against Nick Hogan, I estimate that something like 90% said that he'd broken the law, and that was naughty.

There were a surprising paucity of the "smoking stinks" variety of comments.

I didn't find a single comment that stuck up for Deborah Arnott.

I went through all the posts, agreeing and disagreeing with each one. I found myself in agreement with most verdicts. My main point of difference was with the posters who said that smoking was allowed in the Palace of Westminster. Tom Harris has said that it's not allowed, and I believe him. But one commenter said that when Nick Hogan had smoked in the Strangers' Bar, nobody had asked him to put out his cigarette. What is the truth?

I was a bit surprised that some comments attracted 500+ agreements.

Having read all the comments, it seems to me that the antis are retreating behind the law. Like, it's the law, so you should obey it.

Anonymous said...

At one time the law dictated that a man who owns another man as his slave had the right to whip, sell or kill the slave - and nobody had the right to interfere.

And anyone justifying it by saying the law's the law were immoral, standing up for an immoral law because they wished to be looked at kindly by the authorities who officiated and originated those laws.

Smoking ban laws - same difference. Those saying well the law's the law are akin to those saying the same about the old slave laws or any others of a lesser degree that encouraged and legalized discrimination and hate.

The comments from and about the unwashed, stringy hair of anti-smokers who couldn't be bothered taking a bath or doing their laundry and who belch gas out their rear ends as if to prove something to smokers pretty much shows them for the unkempt lower educated indoctrinated immoralists which they are and above all sends the signal to stay clear of them, for they literally will stink.

I hope like Stonewall and the gay rights initial movement, smokers will light up in the pubs and when the jolly coppers show up to raid the places come out in scores and do the same to the coppers as did the gays at Stonewall.

Then will launch a movement for civil rights as is much needed these days as the true matters of hatred and discrimination are not being attended to, in fact the laws back to encouraging hate.

Arnott's face sickens me, her and her kind pretending it's business as usual and nothing wrong with the country, like endorsing slavery or other hateful though legal laws.

CountingCats said...

When's the election?

Who cares. You seriously think anything will change?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Frank Davis: It's true about Hogan in the Strangers Bar, there's a video of it here

And, Counting Cats, not really, no. :-(

Anonymous said...

Frank - HOC, being a Royal palace, is legally exempt from the ban but MPs voluntarily agreed to abide by it. 'Trixie', I think, posted a video of Nick Hogan smoking in the bar and no-one stopped him (and, if I remember, the vid showed that a member of staff was in the room). So, if MPs chose to ignore it, the Smoke Police wouldn't pop up to issue a fine but everyone has the good manners to stick to their self-imposed rule. Just, in fact, the way we would act if we were allowed. They really do hold us in utter contempt.


Anonymous said...

Judging from the ranting statements made from "Commisar Arnott".
You would think the hag was a bloody minister or something.
Who voted for you Arnott ?
Right well shut the fuck up then.

Mr A said...

This story is truly disgusting. I wonder if the reader feedback will sway the Mail's editorial policy, though? As Dick has pointed out in the past, the Mail will have a story on some hotty smoking a fag and then run a story along the lines of "Erg, fag ash Lil is taking a nicotine fix!".

However, the majority (way more than the previously quoted 70% - I'd say 90%+) are for Nick Hogan, and most of those who against are of the "The Law's the Law" variety. There are a few of the usual anti-smoker sociopaths but they show themselves up for what they are with their "Smoker scum, filthy! Get lung cancer!" ranting, and there are very, very few of them. Interestingly, some comments have 500+ ticks. The negative comments are conspicuous by the hundreds of red ticks.

Still, it's disgusting. I wonder if this will be a Rosa Parks moment for smokers? Probably not. But people (smokers and non-smokers) are becoming increasingly aware of what the Government and ASH are up to. Only six months ago, when I spoke to my non-smoking friends, some would just say, "Godwin's Law! Godwin's Law!". Now though, with 3 different anti-drink TV ads doing the rounds and anti-smoking ads on TV, radio, on the backs of buses, etc etc one of my non-smoker friends said the other day, "Shit, you're right. They're really after smokers, aren't they?" And he admitted I'd been right about booze, too, as he can (at last!) see where we're heading. He finally said, "All this stuff on TV - it's a bit too much like "Our Glorious Leader" Brainwashing for me." And this from a guy who is not the sharpest tool in the box - as long as he gets a raise and a new mahogany trim for his company car he's generally happy.

People are waking up.

Especially when the likes of Arnott lie through their teeth. (Anyone who has ever read the studies KNOW they have always lied, but most people just accept their junk science as they don't know any better and many don't care. However, when they start saying, "No pubs have closed because of the Smoking Ban" and "Bans are beneficial for the trade" (yes - really! It was a response to the last No 10 petition) then people know something is up and start to get suspicious - much as they did when the CRU emails came out.

What we need now is the killing blow - part of the Establishment to take them on. Sadly, Cameron isn't it. And I see no tobacco-science Delingpole in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think the Zelots attack on the drinkers is going to be one big own goal.
Simply because unlike smokers they are a majority.

Mr A said...

Donation button on Old Holborn's blog. Pay with Paypal or card to help Nick pay the ridiculous costs they imposed. Once he's paid he's free to go. Not only can we get Nick out but we can truly stick it to the system. Imagine how the Stasi will feel once Nick walks free within a week because despite their manipulations of the law, the people won't stand for it.

Free Nick AND show the bastards in power what we think of their bans. ASH and their ilk may have the funding and the ears of the slackjaws in Parliament, but we have right and strength and dignity on ours, things they simply can't understand.

Please donate at Old Holborn's blog.

Mr A.

MarieC said...

Dick you said "It's also interesting to note the majority of comments appended to the Mail article slating the smoking ban."

It also very interesting that you now cannot comment on this article in the Mail, and the 300+ previous comments are now no longer able to be seen.

naturalnoble said...

Mr. A,

You want to teach the state a lesson by giving them un-earned truckloads of our own cash? Because they have a hostage? Even the douches in charge don't do that.

banned said...

Comments now back
"Mr. Hogan, I salute you. You have the backing of all the rational thinking people in this once great country. Don't let the b******s grind you down. Chin up.
- Bubba, East Cleveland, 27/2/2010 11:12
Click to rate Rating +730"

Wormsnapper said...

I think it's a shame that ASH is a fake charity. I'd love to see someone from that organization out collecting, then I'd demonstrate how being a righteous authoritarian preachy prick can be harmful to the health.