Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Quote Of The Day

The entire point of freedom is to protect the right of someone else to do something you think is stupid, or even wrong. Otherwise, when the winds of popular opinion shift, who will protect your right to do the same?

Yes indeedy {waves to CAMRA}.


Pingu in Portugal said...

Whom is this a qoute of?

Paul Garrard said...

freedom to rape, steal, murder?

Sam Duncan said...

No, Paul, for the simple reason that those violate others' freedom.* This should go without saying, but there's always one...

*In fact, they violate property rights (my body; my belongings; my life), which is what everything boils down to really.

This is also why a statutory smoking ban on private premises is wrong, even if you accept the “passive smoking” hokum. If you think smokers endanger your health, avoid them; don't inhibit their enjoyment of their property (their bodies and their fags) or tell others how to run their premises.

And if this means you can't go to your local, tough: it's not yours.

DaveA said...


I see from your socialist blog it bears the legend "Lend your money and lose your friend."

Does this include the poor and needy?

I certainly can empathise when I pay my taxes to Labour to piss up against a wall.

Anonymous said...

Classy , Dick,the reference to
the two tongued society,CAMRA,
the curse of Englands ,drinkers and
seekers of joy.
These pampered human pimples have
bestowed on this sceptred Isle more
sorrow than the Bubonic Plague.
Napoleon and the Luftwaffe combined.
Thankfully more an more normal
huamans are seeing through their
double standards

Sullam Voe

Anonymous said...

What sections of society suffers the
most from Labours TOTAL smoking ban
The working class,the labourers,
the unskilled,the pensioners,the
unemployed,the very sections that
Labour pretends to defend
Worse still Labour Ministers continue to justify the ban on
"HEALTH" grounds
Maybe ,some clever socialist can
explain the smoke ban in a three sided cycle shed at the bottom of
pub back yard, was that for the
protection of the bar staff or
was it an added bonus to ensure the
demise of the poor mans pub.

One Eyed Owl