Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Fool And Our Money

We would really like to know what you think about Lords of the Blog and to understand how you think it could be improved.
Good idea. I'm sure the comments will come flooding in.

To do this, we’ve asked an independent research agency, TNS-BMRB, to conduct some online research at the beginning of March.
You have got to be fucking kidding.


JuliaM said...

As you note, money's no object, when it isn't yours...

Spartan said...

Love this from Terry Pratchett

Paraphrasing, the observation was that the problem faced by self-declared revolutionaries of the people is not that we have the wrong government — that goes without saying — but that we have the wrong people. In other words, the self-styled revolutionary has talked himself into believing that he is devoting his life to save the people from their oppressors. But he usually discovers, much to his frustration, the people do not really mind how things are — at least not enough to join him on the barricades.

So eventually, after breaking the power of the old guard, the Peoples’ Revolutionaries (c.f. Stalin, Mao, Castro, et al.) they have to start devoting their energies to controlling the behavior of the people who they were supposedly try to help because those damn people just do not understand what is good for them.


Reason said...

The “Lords of the Blog” is moderated with a heavy hand. It can be difficult to get comments posted past the censor.

Anonymous said...

I hope no pansy drinker/diners
are'nt go to start ranting about
massive price hikes effecting their social lives.
That will upset some of us frozen
smoking idiots so much we will
have to crawl in their crypts and
piss in their Perriers after having a decent dump on their

Tyson the Neutered Staff Pit Bull

bayard said...

Er Dick, if you actually follow your link and read the comments, you will find that it's a case of "a fool and his money". If you don't like the Hansard Society hiring TNS-BMRB, don't give them any donations.
(Unless THS is a fakecharity, in which case I retract and apologise.)