Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Alarmists Costing You Money

Following a few days of skidding around on ice-coated pavements and appallingly-gritted roads, I thought it might be worth doing a Google search for salt shortages amongst UK councils. The results were many.

I couldn't understand why so many authorities were caught with their pants down. Surely they would prepare for the worst case scenario? God knows they take enough cash from us to cope.

Well, it seems that the Salt Association were well aware of the problem, and warned councils back in October 2008.

Peter Sherratt, general secretary of the Salt Association, said: “Spreading salt on roads to make them safe is a vital task. Cost-saving is unlikely to be an adequate defence for authorities that fail to do so. Sudden bouts of cold weather can bring traffic chaos and inadequate de-icing of roads receives high-profile coverage in the media.

“Climate change means that the weather may be less predictable and there may be greater extremes. Winter maintenance teams operate under very difficult circumstances and have to be able to react to quickly changing weather forecasts. They must always be prepared to fight snow and icy road conditions.

“The rush of late orders our members received during and immediately after the last snowfall in April indicated that some local authorities had been over-optimistic in forecasting an end to bad weather – we think they need to be better prepared.”

There you have it. The fucknuts in local authorities believed the global warming alarmists so much that they didn't bother buying enough salt stock, to save costs. There doesn't appear to be much cost-saving being done in the sphere of non-jobs though.

If your local council hasn't done enough to keep schools open, clear roads, or make pavements safe, and you have suffered as a result, sue the bastards. Sue them till they squeak.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Its scandalous They know it snows here Why the fuck do they only have one weeks worth of grit?

Man with Many Chins said...

I had a go about this yesterday, based on the British Biased Corporations coverage

banned said...

Spot on "The fucknuts in local authorities believed the global warming alarmists "

No doubt any council manager who suggested increasing the salt stockpiles would have been labelled a Climate Change Denier and carted off for re-education, his career in ruins.

AloneMan said...

Isn't it wonderful that if we have a winter without snow it's described as being consistent with the characteristics of climate change, and when we have a winter WITH snow it's, err...consistent with the characteristics of climate change ?