Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Get Your Snout Out For The Lads

I had a little trot (pun intended) over to Hairy Moneyball's blog earlier to see what the anti-democratic hypocritical trougher was blathering on about of late.

Nothing new really. Hysterical wimmins' rights nonsense, pissing off Christians, the usual stuff.

The first thing that strikes one, upon entering, though, is that she has had a site makeover. She has moved to Wordpress from Blogger for a start, and the banner has completely changed (it looks nothing like this one which was ... ahem ... reworked here last week). It is a vast improvement. It is fresher, it shows dynamism ... it features a picture of her that is less than 10 years old. Brilliant.

Same old one-eyed hypocritical bullshit in the content though, disappointingly.

For example, she's still banging on about the EU web-site to teach kids about farming in Europe. She doesn't disagree with the site itself, just the fact that it features a cartoon of an attractive girl. And, as shown by her blasting of a Nottingham councillor for having the temerity to hang a Page 3 calendar on his wall, doesn't she just hate such?

I'd have more sympathy if she had complained that the web designers had used Honeyball's image, without her consent, just behind the 'd' in 'Farmland', but not so. Her hackles were raised in December, and she was so moved about this blatant 'sexism' that she felt the need to table a priority written question to the relevant Commissioner, Androulla Vassiliou (Cyprus)**, who she kindly points out is a woman (as if that should heap on the shame).

As you know from reading my Question, I am extremely concerned that a website developed and funded by the European Commission to teach children about farming in Europe uses an inappropriate image of a young female. The image in question shows an unhealthily thin and provocatively dressed girl who is used to guide visitors through the site.

Such an image is both an horrific gender stereotype and an unhealthy example to the very children for whom the site is intended. You will be aware that the European Parliament recently passed a report seeking to end the use of obvious gender stereotyping. Given this, I find the Commission’s seeming disregard for the views of the Parliament both worrying and insulting.

I have to say, the neglect of my Question has only added injury to the aforementioned insult.

"horrific gender stereotype"? Are you fucking serious? It's a cartoon of a young girl, whose appearance and dress is entirely in keeping with how young girls like to appear and dress. Get over yourself, for fuck's sake.

She ignored you because it was a dumb question, posed by a sack of shit who shouldn't even be in Brussels as a moules frites saleswoman, let alone an MEP. You absorb over £350,000 pa of our money for that?

She follows that with a cracker in her one-woman crusade to hypocitically apply her odd rules of life against those who quite like God.

How sad that Independent Councillor and Mayor of Dartmouth Debbie Morris thinks that councillors who do not share her own Anglicism should be excluded from parts of Council meetings. In the 21st century I would have hoped that the saying of prayers would be a thing of the past.

She was referring to this story on Comrade Beeb, natch.

A Devon council has voted to continue saying prayers at the start of one of its monthly meetings following a debate over whether to scrap the tradition.

[Councillor Debbie Morris said] "It was decided at a meeting of the general purposes committee that the status quo is how councillors believed we should go and that we should keep up the tradition," she said.

"It then went to a full council meeting and the same decision was made so it was a democratic process."

She added that at no time was Mr Boughton asked to pray nor was he asked to leave the chamber.

I'm not religious in any way, but it seems to me that the council did everything in the correct manner, so what's the problem? I suspect that Moneyedballs's irrational fear of religion might be.

But, if you have read previous posts about this Labour box-ticker, the emboldened text may ring a bell.

[The Trougher said] "In a civilised society if people are stopped from smoking in public areas by the democratic processes then that's fine by me."

Except, of course, that it wasn't democratic as the Labour manifesto didn't state that prior to the 2005 General Election, so it was anything but. Neither was the decision to exclude a conference from the EU building on false grounds, a decision which she was defending at the time (after a short tangential visit to Elvis on the moon, bear-baiting, and Tory kiddie-fiddlers).

Therefore, according to Moneyballs, exclusion is wrong (despite the fact that no exclusion occurred), even after proper democratic process, if she disagrees; but it's fine if done undemocratically, if she does agree.

Did I mention that this ridiculous, gender-specific fucktard costs you £350,000+ pa? Oh, OK, maybe I did.

**MuddyBalls was one hypocrite talking to another with regard Androulla Vassiliou. The Cypriot said at a private anti-smoking conference in July,

As Commissioner for health I am ready to commit today not to accept any invitation coming from the tobacco industry or those working to prefer its interest while I hold this office.... the ultimate goal of making tobacco use a thing of the past.

Is this the same Vassiliou who is tasked with securing the Cyprus tobacco farmers' EU subsidy every year? I think it is, you know.

Banner pic H/T Lawson Narse


DaveA said...

Dick I am pleased to see my comment on the Feminazis made it. Great articles again.

Cate Munro said...

Jesus . . .where the f*** do they get off!! Unbelieveable!! (Nutha classic Dick! ;-) Tp

Cate Munro said...

Hi Dick - just to let you know my URLS changed: (Please feel free to delete) http://tory-totty.blogspot.com/

Pat Nurse MA said...

Wow - do women really think like that! Another nice expose, Dick :)

banned said...

"I am extremely concerned that a website developed and funded by the European Commission to teach children about farming in Europe uses an inappropriate image of a young female."
She is so far up her own arse as to be relatively harmless.
Priority request indeed ( ignored by all ). Let her waste her time on this feminist stuff, fighting the last centurys' war while the rest of the world has moved on ( probably got her snout so deep in the trough that she hasn't noticed).

"inappropriate" Buzzword for the new McArthyites and by this we shall know them.