Monday, 2 February 2009

ASH Demand Death Penalty For Smokers

Well, just two smokers* to be precise, and fictional ones at that, but I couldn't resist the (futuristic) headline.

ANTI-smoking campaigners want soap chiefs to kill off cig-puffing characters Deirdre Barlow and Dot Cotton.

[ASH's Amanda Sandford said] “For Dot and Deirdre to get something like lung cancer would have a massive effect on the audience. The Government should be leaning on shows like this.”

Well, what a perfect bundle of laughs you are, Sandford, you interfering, gargoyle-featured bint. Isn't it time you stopped sucking up our taxes, just to exhibit to the world that you are a sick psychotic bitch?

What we have here, in effect, is a branch of Government telling programme makers what to feature in their shows. Why don't they just be honest and skip straight to state-censored TV stations? You know, like the ones we used to laugh about Soviet Russia being subjected to.

* apologies for linking to The Star.


Anonymous said...

Only a few months ago I jokingly wrote a comment to the effect that plans are afoot to offer funding to film producers who weave an anti-smoking sub-plot into their films... should've realise that there's no such thing as a joke when it comes to tobacco control.

Mz S seems to forget that soaps are supposed to mirror life and that there are millions of people in the UK who still dare to smoke. I don't watch soaps so have no idea whether the Big Lie (that everyone loves the ban) is perpetrated, with Dot, perhaps, pleased that she has to stand outside because it's forced her to cut down. I'd love to see the characters who smoke sounding off about private property rights and the manipulation of stats posing as 'scientific research'...

I don't suppose that the shows' directors will tell them, so I will: ASH just f**ck off.


Anonymous said...

At least this would herald the end of the soap opera. People dying of cancer, obesity, liver disease etc. The audience would soon lose interest when the two main sets were the local gym and church.

timbone said...

Yes, I was sent a link to this on Digital Spy.
My first thought was this, and these figures actually come from Cancer Research UK! Every year 0.1% of smokers are diagnosed with lung cancer, yes, that's right, 0.1%. Oh, nearly forgot, most are over 65.
While I was having a fag and a nice drop of scotch, another thought came to me. Not only is it unrealistic to suggest that 100% of smokers get lung cancer, it is also unrealistic that in soaps like Eastenders and Coronation Street there are so few smokers. This is meant to be mainly working class, it would be the non smokers who were in the minority.
One last point. In the DS article I read, the nice people from ASH and the Liverpool Lung Cancer lot (the ones who have used Roy Castle as a messiah) said that the people smoking in the soaps should be the villains!!

Ade Brown said...

Antifaghag Sandford would be well advised to make use of her industrial sponsor's more aspirationally-priced anti-ageing products before expanding her fascistic denormalisation project any further with these ludicrous "messages".

Stressy people age fastest and antismokers are stressier than most. I don't take health instruction from a leather-skinned trout's handbag who looks twice her age. Antifaghag's just pissed off June Brown [81]'s still alive and healthy, when according to the antismoking bible she shouldn't be.

Unknown said...

Amazing isn’t it…just what these lying charlatans will crawl out from under their rock for!

This sewer pipe excrement and her cronies now want to attack the nations favourite soap, she thinks her meddlesome ways will somehow win plaudits.

Two of the best-loved characters on television are loved because they represent millions of working class families throughout the land, and the fact that they smoke enhances those two great characters…you know…er…they’re real…yes that’s it – real.

Now let’s just examine Amanda Sanford’s statement for one moment. She says:

“For Dot and Deirdre to get something like lung cancer would have a massive effect on the audience.

Isn’t it obvious how stupid this woman is?

Deirdre must be in her seventies, and Dot (June Brown) is in her eighties and they will have smoked most of their lives…what’s that in Dot’s case, the best part of 60 years…and they’re still waiting to get cancer! At this rate both women will have shuffled off their mortal coils long before any cancer comes knocking at the door…that is of course assuming that cancer isn’t genetic – which many doctors are now starting to believe.

Oh boy! Sanford…to make such a numbskull mistake like this can only mean one thing…your brains (what few you have), are quite clearly where they belong…up your well upholstered rectum…and what erks me senseless, is the fact that people like me are paying for crap spouters like you.

By the way Sanford…if you manage to look as good as Dot Cotton does at her age…with the amount of muck spreading you do – I would be very surprised.

So, how about this Sanford…you just crawl back under your government-funded rock…pop your meaningless head up your botty, and count your brain cells…shouldn’t take too long!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with everyone else's comments but just a thought. I don't think Anne Kirkbride(?) who plays Dierdre Barlow will be too keen to do this storyline as I seem to remember she did actually have a cancer scare some years ago.It just goes to show how insensitive and totally stupid this *antifaghag is. *(I really love that word Basil Brown)