Sunday, 15 February 2009

Police Separated From State, Another Slice Of The Salami

I hope Letters from a Tory is looking in, as I would love to read a customary quality missive to this guy.

He runs the ACPO, a private company, conveniently squirrelled away from those pesky FOI requests. The Mail has done something that is very rare these days ... investigative journalism. I suggest you read all of this for background.

21 employees, devoid of accountability, without even so much as a single vote between them, helping to dictate Government policy on your freedoms. Lucratively so, too. (Will Davis speak up about this soon? Or has he shot his bolt?)

ACPO Chairman Ken Jones isn't fully happy with that though, he has gone on recoord before asking for even more freedom from accountability.

The best performing police forces should be given "foundation" status to make them more independent

I remember the good old days when the police knew their place as an arm of the public sector. Paid for by us and reporting to us via elected representatives.

Sorry, but a police entity swaying Government without transparent recourse from the public seems, to my mind, to be quite wrong.

Perhaps, seeing as I will be taking pictures of some woodentops tomorrow, in contravention of this shit law, it is inadvisable to be raising such concerns.

Or maybe not. Fuck 'em.

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