Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New Wetherspoons Pub

The Southport Drinker carries the best pub sign of the century on his blog. He had a swipe at CAMRA too. Mr Puddlecote tends to like that sort of stuff.

H/T The Pub Curmudgeon


Curmudgeon said...

Good catch! The original inspiration behind this story is here.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Bring back tractorstats all is forgiven

Unknown said...

Actung! Actung!

Nobody seems to get the irony. It’s supposed to look like Hitler – why…because Hitler enacted the first smoking ban in 1938!

You couldn’t go into pubs then because of the smoking ban.

So here you have a Nazi anti-smoking zealot watching over the pub…which is what we have now, but ten times worse…don’t we?

I think it’s just great – it sums up this nasty small minded little country of ours…run by even smaller minded, nasty little bigoted politicians!

On no account take it down – leave it as a constant reminder of the freedoms we once enjoyed!

banned said...

At lest Tim Martin learned his lesson over pre-emptiing the smoking ban, which he had to cancel because he lost shed loads of cash in the dying days of pub smoking.

Times, 8th Feb.
Tim Martin on binge drinking
"“The government has made a big mistake, or a cynically deliberate one, concentrating its fire on the pubs for binge drinking. It’s the massive increase in consumption outside pubs that’s the problem,” he says. “Look, I’m not blaming Tesco, but by clamping down hard on underage drinking in pubs the government has forced drinking onto the streets, and the issue now is 13-year-olds smuggling bottles of vodka around.”

On recommended safe drinking limits
"He rails against the government’s 21-units-a-week dictum. “The doctor who came up with it said there’s no medical foundation to it; 70-to80 units a week.”As a limit, or a recommenda-tion? He laughs.