Monday, 2 February 2009

Don't Bother Leaving A Note, Just Go

How apt that the snow should be falling as Labour continue their re-enactment of winter of discontent in the late 70s.

The term 'wildcat strikes' is back in fashion, and there are murmurs of dissent from the backbenchers. Gorgon's insistence that 3m jobs have been created under Labour has been somewhat compromised by Frank Field revealing that 90% of them are not being taken up by British workers.

I thought the Prime Minister's pledge of British jobs for British workers was meant as a joke.

Surely someone who had presided over a country that had been recruiting record numbers of workers from abroad was sending up his audience? What other meaning could be given to the punchline of Gordon Brown's first speech as Premier to a Labour Party annual conference?

The facts speak for themselves. The Government quite rightly boasts that more than three million new jobs have been created since Labour was elected in 1997. It has contemptuously brushed aside worries expressed by a tiny handful of its MPs that nine out of ten of these jobs have gone to foreign workers.

As if that's not bad enough, Mandy & poisonous ex-health bully Caroline Flint are trying to put a positive spin on it by hinting that British workers should bugger off abroad.

Yesterday this unelected peer (Mandy) surpassed even himself by coming forward with the strong hint that British workers protesting outside the Total oil refinery on Humberside ought to look for jobs abroad. 'UK companies can operate in Europe', intoned His Lordship, 'and European companies can operate here.'

Caroline Flint, Minister for Europe, was even less subtle. 'It is important to remember', she declared, 'that open European Labour markets also allow British firms and workers to take advantage of contracts and opportunities elsewhere in the EU.'

Surely this is the most dim-witted, incompetent, dictatorial, lying, arrogant, tedious, immoral and unpatriotic collection of cockmongers ever to have formed a British Government.

It's time to go to the country, Labour, before you complete the destruction of the very little we have left. Either that, or just do the decent thing and play russian roulette with all chambers filled. Please?

Pic H/T Lawson Narse


Sue said...

I am wondering what sort of response they are expecting to get. Do they think the strikers are going to say "Ah well, that's alright now you've explained it"..


Considering British workers didn't have an option in joining the EU in the first place, I expect that has only added to the anger!

Sue said...

Gordons hiding out with the Chinese I see!

Breaker said...

Massively damaging.

Given that the populace has seen Gordon "Texture Like Sun" Brown twaddle on about boom and bust (ah we were talking about /Tory/ boom and bust), then this whole slicing of the "jobs" thing, it's a raw and easy to understand thing for the working populace.

GTLSB's a habitual liar, is what they will think. And that means he's sunk.

AloneMan said...

The parellels between now and the winter of 78-9 are startling: strikes, snow, the economy in ruins...all we need is for Wimbledon to win promotion and the set would be complete :-)

Ade Brown said...
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Ade Brown said...

Ah, chickens coming home to roost I fear. You can't shaft your fanbase forever, hoping they won't notice.

Finally. All those Labour heartland constituencies as represented by the wonkiest PPE-graduate political-class clone princes nulabor could muster will experience the great EU benefit of being undercut by foreigners and told to JOLLY WELL LIKE IT or be cast as a "xenophobe" and committed to penal servitude.

Oh dear. Oh deary deary me.

DaveA said...

Look on the bright side guys we will be just counting how large Cameron's majority will be. Ken "Imperial Tobacco" Clarke with the business brief he won't imo be looking for anymore curbs on smoking.

I also believe the Labour are ripe for an approach to amend the smoking ban. Mandelson would sleep with a woman if it gave him 2% in the opinion polls.