Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Just Say No

The Devil is so succinct on the subject of addiction.

Over the course of nearly twelve years, the NuLabour government has destroyed many of our ancient liberties, ridden roughshod over our privacy, pried into our private lives in unprecedented ways, and soon intends to tag and track every one of us; it has torn down the constitution, displayed utter contempt for Parliamentary democracy, flouted international law and passed a deeply illiberal Enabling Act; it has put in place the highest peace-time tax burden in British history, encouraged reckless borrowing, put in place a regulatory system that has helped to bring the economy to its knees, and pissed away hundreds of billions of pounds of our money in a multitude of pointless and corrupt ways.

What the fuck do they have to do that these morons wouldn't vote for them? Seriously: what the FUCK?

It's a fair question.


Sue said...

I'm as puzzled as everyone else. I can only assume many of them are dependants of the welfare state (the unwashed, uninvited and undeserving, not those who are on it by no fault of their of course!)

The rest of them are plain thicko's!

I reckon that probably constitutes about a third of the population!

banned said...

Like Sue says, but at least half of the population are now either dependent upon the State for welfare or are paid officials to administer that welfare.
You might therefore ask why don't even more people vote for Brown and his " double or quits " Poker game version of running a modern economy.