Friday, 20 February 2009

Feeding The Hand That Bites

He's a right rebel, that Paul Weller.

Paul Weller could be hit with a fine after he flouted the smoking ban twice during one gig.

Weller was performing at London’s Astoria when he told fans whilst lighting his cigarette that, “This is the best drug known to man!"

Under the new regulations in the United Kingdom, if prosecuted, he could be hit with a £200 fine for breaking the law.

Yeah, Solidarity Brother. Sock it to 'em.

Rocker Paul Weller has faced the second complaint in a week for smoking on stage after he lit up in front of thousands of fans.
Weller and his crew ignored requests not to smoke during two gigs held last week at the borough council-owned K2 Crawley venue in Crawley, West Sussex.

Top work Mr W, you're really sticking it to the bansturbators, and no mistake ...

... or maybe not.

Cancer Research UK has announced today that the UK's legendary modfather, Paul Weller, will appear at their annual heritage music event, Sound & Vision, taking place at the iconic Abbey Road Studios on 26th February 2009.

Paul Weller commented, "I'm proud to be associated with this event and to be supporting Cancer Research UK's amazing work."

That'll be the same Cancer Research UK whose 'amazing work' includes, along with their mendacious chums at the Government Department of ASH, being part of the SmokeFree Coalition which forced through the blanket smoking ban, to which I had believed Weller was giving the finger. They needed money to do so of course, and CRUK provided it in spades, as was boasted in this document.

Objective: To examine how a government committed to a voluntary approach was forced by an effective advocacy coalition to introduce comprehensive smoke-free legislation.

The work of ASH in lobbying for smoke-free legislation was funded by the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, both of which are also key members of the Smokefree Action Coalition.

I believe this is known as "Feeding the hand that bites you". What a sell-out.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ah c'mon, be fair.

He's a pop star, you can't expect any great feats of intellect from them (see also Live Eight). It would be cool if he lit up at the CRUK concert though!

Dick Puddlecote said...

I had the same mischievous daydream, Mark. Or perhaps he could take a lead from some of his lyrics, "lights going out and a kick in the balls"

Now that would be entertainment.

banned said...

Quite right Mark,light up at the CRUK gig, give 'em all cancer even if the place doesn't burn down.

Wasn't it Rod Stewrt who had a smoke on stage almost the first day of the ban but they did not prosecute under the bollox that no-one had made a complaint ?

Unknown said...

Never did like the tinpotwellergod anyway.

CRUK gig just in aid of further publicity as if he needs it.

Does anyone actually still like his music?

It was the chappie from the rolling stones who lit up on stage. Correct in that nobody complained so he got away with it.

By that logic, if we all light up in a pub and nobody complains we shouldn't get fined. Just need to gag the professional complaining do gooders first....

Anonymous said...

Two of the Rolling Stones in fact.

Yeah hope he lights up there anyway!!