Saturday, 7 February 2009

It's That (Lying) Man Again

"A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on." C H Spurgeon (1834-92)

Unfortunately for serial porkie-spouter, Martin Dockrell of ASH, when truth gets its steel toe-capped DMs on, it can deliver one hell of an arse-kicking.

It will no doubt come as no surprise that Dockrell has again been doing what he is paid by the Labour Government to do. Lie. If the old wives' tale about a fib resulting in a spot on one's tongue is correct, Cockrell's mouth must be an almost radioactive cauldron of putrid, pus-laden, boiling sores. If he were made of wood, his conk would have speared half a dozen office blocks by now. This guy is a Grandmaster in the art of being a cunt.

His latest excursion into the realms of bigoted fantasy is particularly disgusting though, and would seem to exhibit a real sense of desperation. He is rather irked that scorn has been poured on a pile-of-shit 'study' regarding a fall in heart attacks in Scotland following the smoking ban, which was not true, and has been proven conclusively not to be true by subsequent factual health admissions data.

Proving both the laziness of journalism, and the quote about lies gaining momentum without merit, Dockwit's crap was yesterday smeared all over Medical News without so much as a casual glance at the veracity, and within hours, was also repeated verbatim on over a dozen other health sites.

The target of his anger was Michael Blastland, a prominent statistician who produced this Comrade Beeb article.

The facts in the way of a good story

It looked like a vindication of the smoking ban in Scotland - in little more than a year, the heart attack rate had been cut by almost a fifth. But look at official figures, says Michael Blastland, and it just doesn't stack up.

Dockshit is incandescent about this. How dare anyone question the march of the righteous? Following a series of half-truths, misdirection, and cherry-picking of statistics, he concludes that Blastland is a "dissident", a "conspiracy theorist" and akin to a denier of the link between HIV and AIDS.

In Dockrell the liar's wibbly-wobbly world perhaps, except Blastland is none of the above, he is merely a well-regarded best-selling author on the misuse of statistics in many areas, and is published by the BBC, The Guardian, The Times, The New Statesman, and the New York Times.

Dockrell, as we know, is paid to lie on one subject, and one subject only, by the Government, and isn't well-regarded by anyone. Not surprising considering he is a lying cunt.

What is even more distasteful is that Dockrell's slurs come on the back of another condemnation of those who wish to debate the matter, by a disgustingly evil knob-stroker called Martin McKee. He makes comparisons between those who disagree with the passive smoking 'science' and holocaust deniers.

Seriously, I'm not making this up. If you think that the issue of passive smoking is overblown, you must, according to these nasty cunts, believe that HIV isn't linked with AIDS, and that no jews died in the gas chambers.

Don't believe me? I know it is hard to fathom how DNA could possibly contrive to form itself into something as objectionable as Martin Dockrell, but it's true. Fortunately, Dockrell's lies have been systematically taken apart by Chris Snowdon here. I strongly recommend you read this in its entirety (it's not a long article) to give you a realisation of how these lying nutjobs operate.

My personal favourite piece of world class bullshit from Dockrell, was this stunning hypocrisy.

The ASH review acknowledges that many of the studies have differing strengths and that no single study can ever demonstrate causation.

Yet he made no comment about his ASH colleague, Deborah Arnott, using this single study to 'prove' causation at the time, did he? Nor does he now.

Anti-smoking campaigners said the figures proved smoking bans would improve public health. As well as reducing heart attacks, the bans are likely to cut rates of cancer in the long term, said Deborah Arnott, of the pressure group Action on Smoking and Health.

She added: "We knew from epidemiological statistics there was a risk from secondhand smoke to cardiovascular health but not how much of a risk until now."

Dockrell, you have been caught being a lying piece of shit, yet again. This time, though, your methods are sinister and designed to foster hate. I'm sure your intentions are altruistic (if you're not just doing this for the Government cash, that is), so if you truly care about the future of the human race, how about you cut your tongue out with a rusty saw so future generations aren't subjected to your particular brand of nasty, mendacious bigotry. Best of luck.

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