Saturday 18 July 2009

BBC Presenter 'Off-Message'

You can't say that on the BBC, Sarah.

Radio 2's Sarah Kennedy rapped for praising Enoch Powell

Sarah Kennedy has come under fire for praising racist Enoch Powell live on air.

The gaffe-prone Radio 2 DJ, 59, described the late politician as the "greatest prime minister we never had" on her early morning show.

Her words sparked a storm of protest and earned her a carpeting from BBC bosses who are said to be "furious".

Here's the best bit though.

"It is embarrassing for the Beeb, who pride themselves on political impartiality."

Bwa-hahahahahaha. Since bloody when?

This was only two short years ago, remember.

The BBC has failed to promote proper debate on major political issues because of the inherent liberal culture of its staff, a report commissioned by the corporation has concluded.

It was widely reported at the time that there were certain 'touchy' subjects for BBC staff, apparently.

The report noted that the BBC had "come late" to several important stories in recent years, including Euroscepticism and immigration , which as it happens, were "off limits" in terms of a liberal-minded comfort zone".

So, Comrade Beeb's pride in its impartiality extends to a massive two years. Whoopee-effing-doo.

Apart from disproportionately attacking Tory advisers, and puff pieces about Gordon Brown's wife, of course. They are perfectly acceptable around White City.

Sarah, if you'd substituted the name Arthur Scargill or Tony Benn for Enoch Powell, they'd have given you a pay rise. Get with the program, girl.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Enoch Powell wasn't particularly racist.

If he had said "Dewsbury born Muslims murdering dozens of people on the Tube" instead of "the River Tiber foaming with much blood" he would be rightly heralded as a genius.

He was a bit of a loose cannon though - some of what he said or predicted was spot on and some was way off piste.

Curmudgeon said...

Enoch was unwise in some of what he said - but if (as you say) a radio presenter had said Tony Benn was the best Prime Minster we'd never had, nobody would have batted an eyelid.

Frank Davis said...

But I've been astonished that the BBC has been reporting all day that the late Henry Allingham, 113, ascribed his longevity to "cigarettes, whisky, and wild women."

I mean, doesn't that send the wrong fucking message to the fucking chiiiiiiiiiildren?

banned said...

Powell predicted that "entire parts of cities and entire towns would come under the sway of migrants" and how was he wrong ?

Someone on GOTs blog said, if the BBC recieved 25 complaints, how many messages of support for Sarah did they get and why haven't they told us ? FOI anyone ?
I did my little bit and added my ticks, and a couple of Xs to the very lively comments at the Daily Mail

Daily Mail Sarah Kennedy

"Well Sarah you have got my backing all the way, a great radio show long may it continue. Keep up the good work - God bless you".
- ellie may, London, 18/7/2009 13:54 Rating +1243

"This woman is more than a bit crazy surely"
- VA, London, 18/7/2009 13:49
Rating ( -1317 )

Large Melot Please said...

Enoch's reference to "Rivers of Blood" is not about violence but a when the River Tiber is red it is simply a warning. He preyed on our ignorance of the classics.

Anonymous said...

What is racism? Is it the characterization of a particular race as, somehow, inferior to another?

In its promotion of multiculturalism, the BBC, and other establishment organizations, are characterizing the indigenous culture, developed predominantly by white people, as inferior to a mixture of cultures.

The BBC is a racist organization.

Tim Almond said...

"A source said: "For Sarah to praise someone with such views is extremely foolish."

Right, but it's OK for the BBC to wheel on Tony Benn, a man who still seems to think that the bankrupt views of Marxism are OK, politics that killed millions.

ranger1640 said...

Sarah Kennedy has come under fire for praising racist Enoch Powell live on air.

I would like to take issue with the statement above.

I met Enoch Powell when he was an Ulster Unionist MP.

Enoch Powell was not a racist he was a Great Unionist and his concern was for the United Kingdom. Two things that both the BBC and Nu-Labour would not recognize if it came up and give them a kick in the arse.

Anonymous said...

Enoch Powell was no racist, but he was one of the most able politicians of his generation. A classical scholar, he read Greek at trinity college Cambridge, and his intellectual mind suited the cut and thrust of political debate, he was also a gifted orator.

Yes, in some ways he was a bit of a maverick…but a maverick that spoke his mind with passion and candour. This of course never suited the mainstream, and certainly not left-wing liberals.

Budding Guardianistas of the day were already circling the wagons against right-wing thinking, and of course the BBC was already gaining a reputation for attacking those in power with programmes such as the satirical ‘That Was The Week That Was’ an irreverent poke at establishment values.

Impartiality and the BBC should never be used in the same sentence – that is a gross insult to people’s intelligence!

An unintended consequence of the BBCs endeavours over the past few decades is to deliver us a moral bankruptcy unequalled anywhere else in the world.

Still…there are always the reruns of Thunderbirds!

Would you like to hear about my favourite Thunderbirds puppet? You would…hang on then…I’ll just put the sex toys away.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thank God you said you were putting the toys away, Chris. I momentarily had visions of your fantasising about Lady Penelope.

Unlike me, of course. ;-)

Sat In A Pub said...

I'm a big fan of Sarah, but she does get herself into some trouble. Mind you, anyone who can turn up pissed in the morning on national radio is ok by me:)

Fair enough about the Tony Benn comparison but I feel obliged to say that it's people that kill people, not Marxism.