Wednesday 1 July 2009

Save Our Pubs And Clubs: The Video

"A fair change that won't be bad for health, won't enforce anything on anybody, and will actually help our pub and club trade ..." Mark Littlewood, Progressive Vision

"Basically, the way it's going, I'm going to have to shut down soon." Simon Esnard, Butchers Arms, Luton.

One to be spread far and wide, methinks.

If you haven't signed up to the campaign yet, you can do so here.

H/T Taking Liberties


Unknown said...

Thanks Dick, plundered your excellent blog [video]on F2C.

You are a star!

Anonymous said...

Why should I 'save our pubs and clubs'
Where were the lily livered landlords when the smoking ban was being 'thought out' Why did they not protest that they were in business to sell drink and not be fucking nazi informants if anyone was smoking in their premises.
Why didn't they scream at their bosses (if they had them) and scream at anyone who dared to tell them what to do in their own business.
No, they waited for the promised non and anti smokers to flood through their doors.
Well, they didn't did they.
So now it's 'Pay back time'
Us smokers don't want your rotten pubs any more as you didn't want us in there two years ago.
Less tax to the government by way of loss of sales in pubs and millions more in benefits to the unemployed staff that needed protection from imaginary 'second-hand-smoke'
Revenge is sweet !!

Peter Thurgood said...

Not one single word of what someone said above, makes the slightest sense!

If someone makes a mistake, which is something we all do from time to time, do you honestly think that by making a second mistake of your own, that it will help?

So the publicans were lax and didn't do anything to help themselves. But you are offering even less. You speak about "pay-back time". You know who it will be pay-back time for if you have your way? You and me, and everyone else who values freedom.

Who are the "Us smokers" you speak of, who don't want the rotten pubs any more? It certainly isn't me, or the hundreds of other people I know who go on blogs like this in the hope of one day regaining our pubs, clubs and restaurants to what they were just over two years ago.

You are on your own there, and the only people having sweet revenge exacted upon them are the smokers, by our government, with the help of people like yourself, who are too cowardly to even put a name to their post.