Thursday 23 July 2009

Life Imitates Ancient Greece

A Chinese girl has lost her memory after being struck by a falling pregnant tortoise as she walked with her aunt along a street.

Unsuspecting 12-year-old Cheng Cheng was struck by the plummeting creature as she walked with her aunt Ling Lang in Chongqing, central China.

The police reckon it must have been thrown. Either that or there are Lammergeyers in the area.

Among other crimes attributed to the species is that, according to Pliny (Hist . Nat. x. cap . 3), of having caused the death of the poet Aeschylus, by dropping a tortoise on his bald head.

Next time a pigeon shits on your car, remember it could have been worse.


banned said...

NO0oo, a Man Made Climate Change induced tornado must have picked up the toitoise, carried it across the Oceans and dumped it on that poor girl.
As Man Made Climate Change worsens expect two ton Galapogos Toitoises to plummet from the sky, regularly.

BTS said...

I heard that a big boy did it and ran away..