Tuesday 14 July 2009

Labour Pubs Of The Future

Once past the Customer Service Guarantors I purchased my alloted 2.8 units of alcohol ( to be consumed in NOT less than two hours) and rang the bell to enter the 'Alcohol Abuse Closet' which is where you go in case any Teetotal Non-smoking Vegans ( " Preferred Patrons " ) are offended by our behaviour.

Read the rest on the Banned Blog, it's spanking good stuff.


Witterings from Witney said...

As you say Sir DP(must confess to having put you forward for the next Honours List - per the DCLG edict) a brilliant post!

Where is the one for when you set foot in your own home?!

banned said...

Much honoured and humbled Mr Puddlecote, thank you for having me.