Wednesday 22 July 2009

BNP Still Collecting Labour Own Goals

This is very wrong.

BNP to use EU taxpayers' money to fund chosen causes

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, the party's two MEPs, will skim off part of their expenses and salaries to fund a party-controlled "community chest", they told the Daily Telegraph.

People in their European constituencies – North-West England and Yorkshire & The Humber – will then be able to apply for the money in order to fund "worthwhile" local projects, including St George's Day celebrations.

Mr Griffin said: "When we've got money left over, we're putting it back into our constituencies. We've pledged to do so, and we will do so. It will be good for people in our area."

A spokesman for the European Parliament said: "That would not be allowed."

This, however, is perfectly acceptable [1].

Charities are being hijacked and turned into pawns in Labour's class war

And how! Save The Children, Oxfam and Barnardos have all campaigned recently for higher welfare benefits or lower taxes; a Barnardos poll found that 78 per cent of nine and ten-year-olds thought 'the Prime Minister should never break promises'; Christian Aid lobbies strongly against 'trade liberalisation and privatisation' in developing countries.

People who give money to these charities do so in the belief that their donation will go towards the relief of individual suffering. They do not give in order to fund a highly ideological campaign for a particular economic policy or political point of view.

Yet this abuse of 'charity' is said to be in accordance with the law.

Don't forget that our taxes are the sole reason why many of the 'charities' favoured by Labour are allowed to exist at all.

What's more, Labour have relaxed rules on charities to make sure that those they like are given carte blanche ...

The fact is that charity is being hijacked and turned into a branch of politics. For example, last year the Commission relaxed the rules so that charities can now go in for political campaigning.

... while simultaneously stifling the options of those who Labour see as 'undesirable'.

For the truth is that the Charity Commission has been turned into a major weapon in the Government's armoury against independent schools by threatening to force them into actions that would bankrupt them.

Last week, the Commission picked upon two small private prep schools which it said weren't doing enough to 'ensure that people who cannot afford the fees can benefit from what they do'.

This was an act of ideological spite.

Now, who is more wrong here? The BNP who have pledged to return taxpayers' money to the taxpayer, or Labour who not only use taxpayer funds to prop up fake charities of their choosing, but also alter legislation to make sure that only charities with which they agree are allowed to benefit from charitable status?

One is frowned upon for being a spiteful and hate-filled party with a covert agenda to disenfranchise large swathes of the British public on ill-conceived, dogmatic and puerile grounds ... the other is the BNP [2].

Boom, boom.

[1] Yes, comparing the EU with parliament is eggs and cheese, but considering Labour are fully behind the European nightmare (and share the same authoritarian nature), the comparison is valid IMO

[2] Obligatory 'I really detest what the BNP stand for' disclaimer. But for fuck's sake, is it any wonder people vote for them when Labour make it so difficult to distinguish between two parties who both trade on irrational prejudice?


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to claim that Christian Aid is predominantly political? How dare you?

Christian Aid's recent national campaign has the slogan:

can be eradicated.

Clever, eh? What's more, in just four words, that slogan proves that Christ was a liar when he said 'The Poor you will always have with you.'

Christian Aid are better Christians than Christ. Don't forget that.

Anonymous said...

In 2008, Christian Aid had a total income of £86,502,000. Of this total, some 20.8% came from government.
They make no secret of their political agenda, Martin Drewry, head of campaigns

I for one don't want my taxes to go to this 'cause'
I am not Christian and not interested in this organisation. The taxpayer should be able to decide where their hard earned money goes to and not be dictated by governments.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Zackerley. Where our taxes go is unimportant to politicians until one of the 'wrong uns' does the same.

Anonymous said...

I donate as millions of others do a sum each month taken from my account.The money goes to the charities that i have chosen.I never knew the details you have provided.I do believe we should have the freedom of choice to decide which charity receives our money.I am a Christian, and the charities i support are here in the UK.Cancer research and the NSPCC.We also donate should we do the lottery.So not only have we lost free speech.We have also lost freedom of choice.I dont mind them having some of our money.However to be asked would have been nice.Britain is one of the most charitable countries in the world.No longer are we one of the richest.Thats why i donate to help people here.We have homeless children,people below the poverty line.Cruelty to children,we do so much for other countries its time we looked after our own more.Obviously i am not saying stop the money to Christian Aid they do a terrific job.Please also give a thought for our own.There are many needy and desperate amongst us here on our own streets.

banned said...

I contribute to the local Air Ambulance and to the RNLI when at the seaside, no others.
These are proper charities contributing directly to the local community ( and potentially to ME ) that recieve no Government funding and so can tell the Govt. to get stuffed with regard to their policies.