Friday 10 July 2009

Quote Of The Day

This is how Britain is now governed. For all Brown's talk of 'trans-pair-ency', official activity at every level is about as transparent as a burkha.

Labour has created a self-serving tyranny of lying and concealment, where duplicity is rewarded and the punishment for honesty is the sack.

Littlejohn nails it.

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banned said...

Good to see the dinner lady getting some support and I'm going to file this
"Whenever they're caught out, their first instinct is denial, followed by cover-up and a demented witchhunt to discover and persecute whoever leaked the story." for reference every time they do it.

This made me laugh

"among the many letters and emails I received about the Wacko Jacko sob-fest was one which read: 'Your article was spiteful, mean-spirited and as little as your stupid name.'
It was signed: 'Ijeoma Nwogwugwu.'"