Tuesday 7 July 2009

A Difference In Perspective

Same source, two entirely different articles.


Housing 'not favouring migrants'

There is no evidence that new arrivals in the UK are able to jump council housing queues, an Equality and Human Rights Commission report says.

Just 11% of new arrivals get help with housing - almost all of them asylum seekers.

The Daily Mail

One in ten state-subsidised homes goes to an immigrant family

Nearly 400,000 homes have gone to tenants who were born abroad, the Government's equality watchdog has said.

One in ten state-subsidised homes is occupied by an immigrant family, according to the first estimate of the impact of immigration on social housing.

He who pays the wages, calls the shots.


Unknown said...

"He who pays the wages, calls the shots."

I thought it was the taxpayer? Silly me.

Sue said...

All the research for this was done by Government Quango's and Fake Charities... no surprise there then!

Mark Wadsworth said...

I hate to say this, but having crunched the numbers, The Daily Hatemail are pretty much spot on this time.

Plus, if you read the underlying report to the bitter end, it confirms exactly what people think, i.e. that all the Somali refugees jump straight to the top of the queue, have large families and live off benefits.

IanPJ said...

Do you believe anything you read in the press anymore?

The facts are the pretty much the same, its the presentation.

2 differing agenda's with the same information gives 2 completely different views, depending on how you wish to present that information.

It serves perfectly to show how people are manipulated.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Agreed, Ian.

The Beeb have reported as one would expect, as have the Mail.

Interesting though that the Express have, I presume, merely reprinted the press release as one would have thought they might have preferred to have carried a story like the Mail did.

So with one story, we see press manipulation in action, as well as mundane journalism.

banned said...

Radio Beeb was busy all day telling me that it was my "perception failure" and that it is not true that immigrants jump the housing queue, it just looks that way, ta Beeb.

Tell that to my recently departed neighbours' lad trying to set up home with his fiance, both are native and working in poorly paid training jobs, Council house ? No chance.
I advised him to improve his chances by getting sacked, stab someone and marry his best mate.