Wednesday 15 July 2009

He's Back ...

... and still sticking it to 'em. Check out the bemused look on the face of El Pres - priceless.


Captain Ranty said...

The man has balls of pure titanium.

Every time I hear him saying what every other MEP should be saying he goes up further in my estimation.

We need guys like him. We just need many more like him.

And we need them now.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage is a tour de force! He would have been a perfect spokesman for the smoking ban cause…he could tear to shreds any anti-smoking bollock that got in his way.

Of course Nigel has spoken out about the smoking ban, and says his party will repeal the law. I enjoyed that interview he did with the Politics Show for the BBC in Brussels, where he was enjoying a cigarette inside a café – perfect interview!

Nigel is media and politically savvy, he has all the ingredients.

Talking about ingredients...It’s a pity that all we have is Mr Pastry (AWT), putting his dough filled boots in his mouth with some pretty crass statements, he volunteers information that he was never asked about i.e. question: How much are your pies Mr Pastry? Answer: How much? Well I don’t like seeing parents smoking in cars with children, and I wouldn’t want people smoking in restaurants again. ASH just love you AWT!

Will somebody take that wad of cotton wool out of his mouth, it won’t make him anymore coherent…but it might do the cotton wool a favour!

banned said...

The Europhiles must dread the times when Nigel and Dan appear on the same day, good for them.