Thursday 30 July 2009

Joined-Up Idiots

A quite brilliant spot from the Witterer in today's Telegraph letters.

The two letters in question are those from Andy Burnham and Jon Newman. From both, two extracts:

Andy Burnham:

"All ministers take care to base any public statements on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer...."

Jon Newman, quoting Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer:

"The scientific advice on face masks is that they are of very little value. They get moist, which enhances the virus. And because the virus is so small it can go through the pores. They also give a false sense of security."

Then from the BBC we get a report of a public statement, in the Commons, from Andy Burnham that 226m face masks have been ordered!

If you check the BBC video, there it is from Burnham in the first 30 seconds.

And just to double-check, the quote from fatty Liam was, indeed, widely reported in April, such as here.

Professor Donaldson agreed that face masks for the public were of very little value, saying that scientific evidence had showed this to be the case: "They get moist and that enhances the risk of the virus transmitting. The virus is so small it can go through the pores in the mask and it gives a false sense of security."

Now, we know that Liam Donaldson's version of scientific evidence is a lot different to ours. He believes pharmaceutical industry bullshit, for example - like cunts tend to do. But forget that for a minute, as someone must be talking bollocks here, there is simply no other conclusion to be made.

If Andy Burnham won't make a decision without consulting clinically-obese Liam, and Liam says that face masks are shit ... why is the DoH ordering 226 million of them?

Or, could it be that Liam's confident scientific evidence has been shown to be donkey cock and he has changed his mind? In which case, Donaldson is shown up as someone who should have no more business in dictating public health than a verge-strimmer.

Of course, if Liam's pronouncement is correct (and it probably is, which would make a fucking change), it must obviously prove that Burnham is making it up as he goes along and/or wasting money for no discernible benefit.

Whichever way you cut it, these people are entrusted with guarding your health.

Feeling lucky, punk?


Fausty said...

Well argued.

These ministers don't know what the fuck they are doing - this particular lard-brained minister in particular.

The eyelashed one is way out of his depth. I doubt he understands his brief or any of the issues encompassed by it.

Barking Spider said...

They knew ages ago when Brown first mentioned the ordering of the enormous amount of these masks that the virus could penetrate them easily. I either read that or saw it in a news report but they went silent on it very quickly - gagged most likely. This shower are always busy doing fuck all but wasting taxpayers money on PR stunts or stealing our freedom - cunts!

timbone said...

Fuckin swine flu, about as scary as a piglet in a playpen.

PS There is a pm for you on F2C Dick

Frank Davis said...

226 million

There's only about 60 million of us. Are there 166 million illegal immigrants as well?

Anyway I'm sure that cunt Donaldson is dying to see people walking around wearing face masks. It totally fits in with his armageddon vision of swine flu.

"We've been preparing for this for many years," the filthy little cunt gloated a week or two back. I'm sure he has, too. His vision of life is one of the Black Death reprised, with red crosses daubed on doors, and horse-drawn carts calling, "Bring out your dead." That's what he wants to see.

Today it was reported that cases of swine flu had levelled off at 100,000 a week. But, quick as a flash, there was Professor Sir Fucking Liam Fucking Donaldson saying that it would come surging back in the autumn, oh yes, mark my words.

Somebody fire this man soon, please.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere (sorry I can't remember where it was) that the face masks would only be issued to medical personnel. My guess is that they might be effective but only for a short time, say a couple of hours. That would explain the large number needed, even if only for medical personnel.

TV Trolleys said...

Just follow safety measures and everything will be under control. :)