Tuesday 21 July 2009

Righteousness Has Never Been More Costly

If you've ever wondered why every other advert on the radio emenates from some government department telling you how they think you should live your life. If it has ever struck you that you are seeing more and more sick scaremongering TV ads designed to terrify motorists, this is why.

Phil Taylor has crunched the numbers. 2009 figures show that Labour frittered away £540m on advertising, up nearly a half on the previous year, a spend which is five times that of 1997 when Labour first got their grubby mitts on the purse strings.

Nannying, hectoring and blind ideological righteousness have never been more costly.



Why have the national press not jumped on this brainwashing spend? Or are they in on it?

Lord Lindley

B7 said...

Dick. apart from the TV ads I think that most of the spend goes to my local free press advertiser.

As stated before they recently had a full page ad re anti smoking propaganda but only a half page on Swine Flu which is supposed to wipe out half the UK!.

Anonymous said...

£540m - and is all this advertising working? Of course not and anyone with half a brain could have predicted that. How come these people so thick.

Anonymous said...

It's not all wasted money.
For every pound spent by the taxpayers for these 'programmes' there is double coming back to the politicians/quangos/medical profession etc. in 'kickbacks'
Can you imagine how much the pharmaceutical companies line the pockets of the anti smoking 'movement'. It's good business to them to increase their multi billion dollar nicotine replacement products.
The same goes for all the other 'healthy living' advertisements.
Just think how much fruit and veg is at the supermarket compared to pizza ? More profits are made all round if people are terrified into not doing things that are not considered 'healthy'

banned said...

Not having a telly spares me from the TV ads and I do try to change the radio station before the end of each Govt. Self Hate Advert.

I doubt if those figures include the costs of all the glossy full colour magazines regularly pushed through my letterbox extolling the virtues of my Local Council, invariably full of greenery tripe and how much they love the kiddies with their oh-so-soft playground surfaces.
I make a point of recycling them straight into the nearest Local Council rubbish bin.