Tuesday, 3 August 2010

75 Days Later

Nick Clegg, 19 May 2010.

"As we tear through the statute book, we'll do something no government ever has: we will ask you which laws you think should go,"
Reality, 2nd August 2010

"[...] although the consultation received almost 10,000 responses from the public, it emerged today that no department was willing to amend any of its its policies as a result." Daily Mail

"Despite tens of thousands of public responses sent to various government departments, not one has shown a willingness to amend policy, reports claimed." Daily Telegraph

"The government's first attempt at crowdsourcing its coalition programme has ended without a single government department expressing a willingness to alter any policy." The Guardian
And ... Dick Puddlecote, 12th July 2010.

"All of which leaves only one suggestion as valid for the website. That the entire site be consigned to the dustbin as a waste of our taxes. It's a fucking sham."
I think I win.

Or, actually. We ALL lose, as predicted by one of my Link Tank articles in May.

"Labour is not the opposition," agrees [Privacy International's policy director, Gus] Hosein. "The civil service is."
Now, in light of the fact that the views of nearly 10,000 respondents have been wilfully ignored in this great democracy of ours - you know, the one we are so keen to export to the fuzzy-wuzzies in the Middle East - after veto from a handful of bureaucrats, such an assertion would seem to hold quite a lot of water.

The public posed many questions ... the departments obstinately sat on their hands and refused to budge.

As The Devil observed at the time.

I have no doubt that this is true: the civil service have long since ceased to serve anyone—it views itself as master of both politicos and citizens.
His view is just about incontrovertible now, isn't it?

Just one last point, though, before we put Clegg's wasteful, incompetent, and egotistical grandstanding behind us. It's interesting to watch the gloating attitude from the MSM, most notably the Graun and the Wail.

How bloody appalling, they exhort, that the public has been ignored so! It's a right disgrace, so it is!

Except ... just scan all three of the above linked articles and see if you can spot any mention of the most suggested law change on the YourFreedom website.

The country now belongs to civil servants, quangoes and fake charities - brain-dead politicians and a woefully incompetent press merely pass on their directives.

The circus was fun while it lasted though, wasn't it? Now get back to chomping on your bread.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Which is why I never bothered visiting that site, leaving a suggestion or hoping even vaguely that anything would come of it.

Private Widdle said...

Civil Sevice= opposition. That's true, especially in areas of health, criminal justice and environmental policy where departments are dominated by Guardinista dickheadedness. As someone who worked as a criminal lawyer through the last years of the Thatcher and Major governments and into the Nu-Liebore era I can testify first-hand as to the downright idiocy of Home Office policies throughout. The only person who could and did stand up to them was Howard. Clarke was a fucking disaster then and he's about to repeat the same mistakes 20 years on. Yes, we lock a lot of people up- because we have a lot of crime. Per capita, we're as soft as shit on criminals and have been since the 60s. It's become a cliche, but once again it's "meet the new boss, same as the old boss". I don't know why I hoped it might be different this time. It never changes- they live in their little metro-centric social-democrat bubble that has lost all touch with reality. I detest them. I want my country back.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Sorry - I said last summer it was a scam when the ilLib Demotwats posted the idea on facebook. I was really keen until Mark Pack said their idea of freedom did not include choice. The smoking ban was discounted when the idea was first mooted. It's why I never wasted my time with it after the election when they pulled the wool over smokers eyes.

It is as much of scam as the old No 10 petition site. Do you remember that con? I said that ages ago as well.

Ah well, I suppose we have to play these silly games but the truth is, they ain't listening. They never were. We need direct action. Join the Resistance at nothing2declare. It seems the most practical.

And exactly who are these illiberal demotwats - a poxy little party that lost more votes this time around than last time. They have no right to be there but for Cam Moron's meglomanic desire to be "in power."

Wake up smokers and tolerant non smokers. The only way we can now win this is by shifting our political support and doing what we can to bring this sham Govt down. We are more than 12 million. We can do something!

JuliaM said...

"His view is just about incontrovertible now, isn't it?"

Yes. Yes, it is...

"Clarke was a fucking disaster then and he's about to repeat the same mistakes 20 years on."

Yes. Yes, he is...

SimonF said...

As Jim Hacker said to his wife not long after becoming PM:

"The opposition isn't the enemy, they are the Government in waiting. The real enemy is the civil service".

Plus ça change.

Bucko said...

I knew a little fucking freedom was too much to ask. I've had it.

Anonymous said...

The power of the Politburo is now massive simply because they are so many.
Their demise may be similar to the said institutions in Romania Hungry East Germany Russia ,It's coming, the rage is building up.
It will happen some time when they are out child snatching again.
Or a similar fuse.