Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jamie Oliver Gets Something Right!

Yes, geezer, it is a joke. The clue was in the places trialled for this new creation.

Other Skinwich test stores:

- Ekaf, Maine – Colbert Blvd.
- Tihsllub, Oklahoma – Corner of 3rd & Twain.
- Eritas, California – Dense St.
I'd have thought that a streetwise pukka up-wiv-da-yoof kinda guy like Jamie would have spotted it straight away. (Hint: read them backwards)

To be honest, if it existed I'd try one.

But then I'm not a hectoring twat who feels it's his duty to decide the food choices of others.

My knee doesn't jerk as much as Jamie's either.


Anonymous said...

Wanker on a moped !

Captain Haddock said...

Bet he needed a grown-up to explain it to him ..

hedgehog said...

How? Has the big-mouthed w*nker shot himself?

Ed Butt said...

Oliver would advertise that meat like stuff grown in a bucket from gey goo they are developing in Africa.

Dr Evil said...