Saturday, 14 August 2010

Link Tank 14/08

'Ere y'are. Get stuck in.

Road safety has become irrelevant in the speed camera debate

Middlesbrough proposes a blanket ban on drinking in public

Charities should spend 100% of their funds on ... err, raising more funds

Strippers v Churchgoers

The state is spending our money to annoy us

Introducing the doughnut burger and deep fried Pepsi

What if government ran everything?

And the cock-ups which happen when they do

"Humans don't tend to be nearly as big a bunch of douchebags as we are perfectly capable of being"

USA bans posting of cigarettes to serving troops

Switzerland sees the world's first one million dollar speeding fine

Health lunatic Mayor Bloomberg and his hypocritical nature


Anonymous said...

"USA bans posting of cigarettes.."

"The military has been trying to reduce smoking among soldiers..."

...because fags are obviously more dangerous than the Taliban.


Anonymous said...

"Middlesbrough proposes blanket ban on drinking..." (or rather its teetotaller mayor does)

So, that puts paid to happy family picnics in the park accompanied by a nice bottle of Chablis.... but then I'm forgetting that families don't picnic in the park because they can't squeeze past the druggies and prefer not to be assaulted while tucking into their sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

US officials are conducting
top secret meetings with the
Teleban.The US are prepared to
withdraw all coalition forces by
2011 and allow the the warlords to form a government with full Sharia
laws,,,,on conditions ,women are
stoned in private,gays are hung
humanely and a full comprehensive
smoking ban is impemented within
48 hours of taking control.

Philip Morris(Middle East) Inc

Anonymous said...

The fifth link ( is broken.