Friday 13 August 2010


Via Big Brother Watch.

Our record was overall a terrific one. Look at what we did. [...] the greatest advances in civil liberties of any post-war government [...]

Jack Straw
OK. Straw poll. Hands up all those who feel more free now than they did in 1997?


Nope, sorry Jack, I'm afraid you're on your own there.

H/T My friend in the north


Anonymous said...

Splutter? I'm freakin speechless!!

Captain Haddock said...

Straw ? .. the man's another word for cunt ....

Anonymous said...

Take one, stout piece of 3/4" hemp rope approximately 12 ft long...


Tufty said...

Well - we can laugh I suppose but it isn't easy is it? Not at something this creepy.

Bill Sticker said...

Ex Labour Minister talks utter bollocks. Nothing new there, then.

Anonymous said...

Communists like Straw live in a parallel universe where blue is yellow and bicycles have square wheels.

It's not funny either, some years ago Straw was overheard saying the "..English were a race not worth saving.."

We've all seen him wearing those small round rimless glasses, his black fedora - not forgetting the long dark rain coat. You'd never know the difference if you put him in a group photo of the Gestapo.


Barking Spider said...

Straw's a complete and utter delusional commie cunt!

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw parachuted into
backward Blackburn,even PolPot
could have won for Labour in that
borough of losers.
The low life is not worthy of
further comment

Kommie Finder General

Pogo said...

When I was a student, jack Straw was the president of the NUS... He was a duplicitous cunt then and he's still a duplicitous cunt now.