Monday 23 August 2010

No, THIS Is The Road To Hell

You know how, every day, it's always the same roads featured in traffic bulletins? It's the same in China.

On Monday, state media reported that a traffic jam stretching more than 100km on a major national expressway leading northwest from Beijing had entered its ninth day of virtual standstill.

Road works along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway have been exacerbated by traffic accidents and broken-down cars and traffic has backed up from the outskirts of Beijing all the way into Inner Mongolia.

Beijing’s traffic management bureau said the monster traffic jam, which is often replicated on a smaller scale throughout the country, is expected to last for nearly a month.
Perhaps we're a little harsh on the M25, eh?


Angry Exile said...

The trouble with a Chinese traffic jam is you always want another one half an hour afterwards.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

"The trouble with a Chinese traffic jam is you always want another one half an hour afterwards."


Oldrightie said...

We don't do traffic jams in The Marches, Dick.

Bucko said...

Jeeez. They dont do things by halves do they

Anonymous said...

Most of the drivers caught up in
the 100 Km tailback were provincial
delegates to a Smoke Free China
conference .Conference Chair Miss Won Lung had asked all delegates to attend by rickshaw to avoid allegations of hypocracy.

Inn of the seventh happinsess

Unknown said...

And the Telegraph blog didn't even give you a Hat Tip DP, how rude of them!

PS: Verification word was RECANT. Is blogger trying to tell you something?