Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Of Pizzas And Populations

Wahey! Pizza is a life-saver.

A series of Italian research studies suggest that eating pizza might do good things for a person's health.
It's all there. The non-clogging of blood vessels, protection against cancer, and prevention of heart attacks.

It's only magic pizza that does this, though.

All of this pertains to Italian-made pizza, metabolised in Italy. No matter how accurate the scientists' interpretations turn out to be, there's no guarantee that they hold true for foreign pizza, or for any pizza eaten anywhere by foreigners.
Well, bugger me with a Quattro Stagione! It's actually flawed research, and the Guardian have been kind enough to point out that it may have been rigged to come to a pre-determined conclusion.

If only the Graun could try casting a critical eye over other studies in a similarly detached manner ... like some have.

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