Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cat Bin Woman Has Lifted Another Lid

Crikey! That little vid flew a bit, didn't it?

I'm almost feeling sorry for the spiteful bint considering the acres of media coverage her heartlessness has engendered. None of the fantasy punishments proposed on the web - 'spray her with BBQ sauce and throw her into a den of lions at the zoo' was particularly imaginative - will match the social stigma she is likely to experience from now on.

But then, on the other hand, she may conceivably become a cause célèbre. Yes, seriously.

See, from what I've read, seen, and heard today, her actions seem to have lifted another lid. That being the one normally keeping a swathe of righteous apologists, anti-cat bigots, and outright crazies in their box.

BBC radio today asked if our country is still a nation of animal lovers. Some of the replies - before the identity of this woman was known - were remarkable.

First came the apologists. Lining up a classic straw man was a texter who pointed to a member of his family with 'mental health problems', before launching into a tirade about how this poor woman must be feeling now that some irresponsible bastard had posted the video on the internet. It was automatically assumed she must have exactly those problems (without asking the question as to whether she should be out if her behaviour could be so erratic) and, as such, was therefore the wronged party.

Never mind that something pretty anti-social had been committed, the person who publicised the video was at fault.

Then came the cat-haters. In language strangely reminiscent to readers of this blog, cats were now smelly, filthy, selfish and dangerous. Some even classified them as vermin. She was probably fed up with the cat shitting in her garden so was justified (another straw man). It was the owner who was at fault.

On Facebook, someone piped up from the US that it was illegal to allow cats to roam outside [citation needed] and that, again, it was the owners' fault. The same was mentioned on the radio, where a woman phoned in to say that cats being kept house-bound was "an issue which should be looked at".


Wasn't this a case of a woman doing something rather cruel? Who was (unusually) caught out, and should face the consequences so as to, you know, discourage others from even dreaming of doing anything similar? How did she become the good guy gal?

Well, because selfishness in the face of the legal behaviour of others is now encouraged; because there are far too many in the UK whose very first response is to make excuses for anti-social behaviour (an army of Lord Longfords); and because the public seem to have been conditioned to the only solution to minor problems being wildly over-reactive legislation.

Since all this, it's emerged that she hasn't got mental health issues, the cat wasn't shitting in her garden, and she's apparently a cat-lover so really hasn't got much of an excuse. But ...

... her Dad is in hospital, so off we go again.

Altogether now - How dare that couple put the video on Facebook!


Longrider said...

The cat shitting in the garden thing cropped up ad-nauseum on the CiF article about this. I like my garden. I also live with 12 cats. My neighbours either side also have multiple cats so we are surrounded by a colony of about thirty altogether and they shit in the garden. Unlike dogs that leave it where it lies, cats do the decent thing and bury it. Being organic, it decomposes in the soil. I have no problems with plants being damaged or destroyed because they aren't, so tend to treat people who come up with this crap[sic] with the contempt they so richly deserve.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I forgot to include one of the more amusing quotes today:

"Not all old people are nice. Some of them are just nasty young chavs and chavettes who have lived a long time."

steve_jacks 1:50pm


Dick Puddlecote said...

Longrider: That's one thing I really can't understand. If one has a garden which is so pristine that cat shit would be annoying (can you tell that I don't?), don't you use horse shit to tend it anyway?

Some weekends, I see people shovelling buckets of the stuff into their cars at a local horsey place.

Ed P said...

My grandfather was very good at procuring things. He always had new tools, ornaments, etc. When asked where & how he obtained them he'd say, "I came by them honestly". It was only years later that I heard the punchline, "and then I went back and got them".

Maybe the cat was "on hold" until she intended to go back and get it?

Dick Puddlecote said...

... and then she got high ;)

Fascist Hippy said...

FFS she works in a bank, so it's obvious that the attitudes of her bosses have rubbed off on her. I.E. No compassion, no feelings, delusions, power tripping, spitefulness, uncaring, bullying, I could go on but you get my drift.
Let’s hope she is one of the first against the wall when it comes.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Longrider again: Jeebers, I hadn't seen the Guardian comments. Perfect examples of all the above.

The owners shouldn't have posted the video because ...

"Once identified, she will be vilified, threatened and persecuted."

She may have mental health issues.

Cat owners are evil

And, of course, cat shit harms me personally.

Didn't have to look far, either.

JuliaM said...

"Wasn't this a case of a woman doing something rather cruel? Who was (unusually) caught out, and should face the consequences so as to, you know, discourage others from even dreaming of doing anything similar? How did she become the good guy gal? "

Well, that's what normal people think, yes.

But CiF and other such places are popular because...well, there's a lot more of the other sort than we ever dreamed...

Bucko said...

....and then she got high.


PT Barnum said...

I heard that Radio 5 phone-in. When some halfwit came on moaning about how cats are allowed by their 'owners' just to roam about in other people's gardens at will, I looked at the cat, she looked at me and we both rolled our eyes. I then went to feed the visiting stray who roams where I do not know but turns up faithfully twice a day. If you think about it, a cat is the most detestable animal in the world to those who think the world should perfectly reflect their views. And ban everything else.

Smoking Hot said...

Seems she was totally wronged ... it was an experiment for "Schrödinger's cat"

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Angry Exile said...

^What's an electronic sex press?

As far as the cat shitting in the garden strawman goes, it's very easy to prevent it anyway:

(1) Get a cat. Okay, it will shit in your garden, or possibly elsewhere, but other cats will be more reluctant to use your garden.

(2) Get a dog and leave it outside a lot. The neighbourhood cats will soon learn which garden to stay out of.

(3) Get one of the zillion and one products made for the purpose - PIR triggered ultrasonic shriekers, tripwires that set of rings of caps or garden sprinklers, bags of puma shit to make your garden seem to them like the biggest un-neutered tomcat in the world lives there.

"On Facebook, someone piped up from the US that it was illegal to allow cats to roam outside [citation needed]"

It's possible that it is for them and being an ignorant seppo who thinks the meaningful universe is between the coast of Maine and Hawai'i they thought it'd be the same in the UK (or that Coventry is in Iowa or something). For what it's worth it is illegal for cats to roam in some places here in Oz, and many of the rest have night time cat curfew bylaws. I think only a minority of local councils in the Melbourne area let cats roam, and dog owners aren't treated any better as it's leash on practically everywhere. However, in fairness these are possibly among the least enforced rules in Australia.

Furor Teutonicus said...

But think of the dangers of second and third hand cat shit!!!

Furor Teutonicus said...

Follow ups.

Angry Exile said...

Second hand cat shit... bwahahahahahahahaahahhahahaa.

Frank Davis said...

The Sun today:

MOGGIE mauler Mary Bale yesterday admitted dumping a family's pet puss in a wheelie bin - but insisted: "I don't know what the fuss is about, it's just a cat."

Furor Teutonicus said...

"I don't know what the fuss is about, it's just a cat."

Which turns her Mothers claim that this imbicilic cow is a cat lover, to total bullshit and lies.

Longrider said...

When we lived in Bristol, we created a sandpit at the bottom of the garden to encourage our cats to go there rather than on the neighbours' gardens. The result was a queue of cats from the neighbourhood to use the local conveniences...

JuliaM said...

"What's an electronic sex press?"

Don't know, but I've got a sudden urge to draw up my Christmas list.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Puss Poo is very usefull specially
when it really humms.
Wrap it up and leave near poncy
non smokers grouping round arty farty bars. Try to keep it warm and runny.

Zealot Finder Colonel
(The General uses Dalmatian poo)

Furor Teutonicus said...

Not just the cat could have been in serious trouble here, imagine what would have happened to all those bin men, straining their collective brain cell as to whether the damn moggy was still alive or not!

Anonymous said...

Electronic Sex Press..?>?>?>?>?

Is'nt that what they have behind
the tents at CAMRA beer festivals.

Frothy Zimbalist

Anonymous said...

Just incase you missed it:

Mary Bale - DOX

4 St. Michaels Road, Coventry, CV2 4EJ.
Tel +44 (0)2476 441875

Work (Royal Bank of Scotland)
RBS Rugby, 17 Church Street, Rugby, CV21 3PB
Tel +44 (0) 1788 543326

Furor Teutonicus said...



"Nominate ozr staff". So I have. To be sacked as her kind of "joke" is bad for the banks image.