Tuesday 10 August 2010

Wow! Common Sense? In Scotland?

Is it not a matter of personal choice whether we choose to risk our life and health by indulging in pies, whisky and cigarettes (or, for that matter, canoeing, ecstasy and hang gliding)?

It may be frustrating for a doctor that we make their job harder by being so wilfully human. But the sole purpose of our lives should not be to make our doctor’s life easier.
Amen to that.

The writer of the article from which the quote was taken is performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. On the evidence above, one might assume it'll be well worth a watch.

Hopefully, they'll tour other parts of the country, at some point, as I like to stay as far away from Nicola Turgid and her monster raving health police as possible.


Oldrightie said...

Nicola Turgid is the reincarnation of Snotty!

Unknown said...

You may like the comedian Steve Hughes, check him out on Youtube, Australian guy with a lot of relevant stuff to say.

Dick Puddlecote said...

This Steve Hughes, you mean? :)

Anonymous said...

"Is it not a matter of personal choice"

Is the word "not" a typo? Hope so . . .
George Speller

Chuckles said...

It reminded me of that sterling medico Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick quoting Renee Dubos, I think in his book 'The Tyranny of Health, which discussed just such things -

"In the words of a wise physician, it is part of the doctor's function to make it possible for his patients to go on doing the pleasant things that are bad for them – smoking too much, eating and drinking too much – without killing themselves any sooner than is necessary." (The Mirage of Health, 1960)