Saturday 21 August 2010

Link Tank 21/08

It's been a strange week.

Privatising marriage: A libertarian solution

From drug lord to porn star

"I suppose I could always just kick a duckling right in the face."

A tea party manifesto

7 scientific reasons a zombie outbreak would fail (quickly)

Saudi court decides whether or not to cut a defendant's spine

Whisky powered cars in Scotland? Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Half of all smokers started because they saw it in a movie

10 months jail for drunken prankster who put nail varnish on a flatmate's face

Politeness is a thing of the past

The mystery of beer goggles solved

To save the planet ... the chair that isn't there


Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Thanks DP - that zombie one was a scream!

Enjoy your weekend

Leg-iron said...

Whisky powered cars - it would be worth getting one!

One for the car, one for me...

Angry Exile said...

The marriage one is something I've thought for a while now. Just repeal the Marriage Act and let people decide for themselves who is married and who isn't. Very few devout Catholics will accept that two blokes are married, but then they wouldn't have to accept that anyone is properly married by their standards who didn't have a Catholic ceremony. At the other end of the scale I'd be comfortable with the ceremony consisting of two people standing up and announcing to the whole pub that they'd like to be thought of as husband and wife (or wife and wife, or husband and husband) from now on, and if anyone disagrees they're welcome to but don't expect to be invited to the celebration barbie. There's no need for governments to be involved at any level. They probably got lumbered with legally defining marriage when states took over from church, but modern governments are only still keeping track because it affects benefits, which in turn is because they've never been even handed about taking away and handing back our money, the bastards.