Tuesday 17 August 2010

Dick Out And About: Gluttons For Punishment

Well that was a complete catastrophe ... so let's do it again. (link).


Unknown said...

Your headline did take my by surprise DP, I had visions of you being locked up for flashing. :0)

Anonymous said...

This is arch stupidity at it's finest.
Raising taxes only exaserbates the problem of smuggling.
To police this ?
They haven't even got the resources to adequately police illegal drug use which is rife.
Even the Ian Gilmore who is no friend of mine or any other smoker stated yesterday that criminalisation of illegal drugs is a disaster.
It's not possible to win the war on drugs.
More people smoke tobacco than use illegal drugs,far more.
Big mistake about to be made by some very stupid people.
What planet are these morons from?

Smoking Hot said...

Can you buy cigarettes from shops in lreland? As l understand it, the lrish people have banned that trade so children don't see cigarettes for sale and thus not be tempted to buy such products.

As smoking is not illegal, traders now come to you courtesy of a network of the spoken word (as tobacco advertising is banned too by the people).

Also, the lrish people try to get across the health issues to everyone by making the health warnings on tobacco available in numerous foreign languages. l understand that there has been a problem at the printers for quite a while as health warnings are not currently available in english ... and won't be for the foreseeable future.

The traders are implementing a policy of zero tax on tobacco products so the Irish Treasury can adapt to the day when tobacco is banned in Ireland.

l note that these approaches are welcomed by the lrish people and it has not gone unnoticed by the people in the UK who are now following suit. The only problem seems to be with the printers again ... english health warnings are rare.

There has been no quotes from either government but one assumes they are greatly encouraged to see their citizens self-regulating themselves.

Anonymous said...

We should be able to get the full story on Ireland now -- Forest Eireann has just been launched:


And, its head, John Mallon, actually smokes - wahey!