Thursday 12 August 2010

Pile Driver To Crack A Pistacchio

Here's a smoking ban which not only offers a true insight into the addled anti-smoking brain, but also some face/palm comedy thrown in for good measure.

[Chesnee City] Council members said they drafted the ordinance at the request of residents concerned with the health hazards of secondhand smoke.
Standard melodramatic stuff so far.

It makes it illegal for people to use any tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco dip or snuff in city businesses.
Because the secondhand smoke from snuff can be choking at times, apparently.

So how are the city's bar owners taking this?

[Chesnee Mayor Max] Cash said the city chose to include bars in the ordinance even though it doesn't have any.
Err, so this prohibition includes special provision for places which don't exist?

“It's just in case we get any in the future,” he said.
Oh I see. Not taking any risks when, err, not taking any risks, is it?

Chesnee is now preparing for the huge associated upheaval which these bans always bring.

Chesnee's John and Carrie Rhymer were eating dinner with their two children Monday night at the Bantam Chef. The restaurant was one of only two in the city limits that has a smoking section [...]
So, considering libraries, offices, shops etc were probably already subject to non smoking policies, all the 'concern' from residents - and the full legislative response from the council - was directed at just two sectioned off smoking areas ... and people who enjoy smoke-emitting chewing tobacco in imaginary bars.

Only in America, eh?


JuliaM said...

No, not only in America! Remember that what they have, we get soon, be it weather, trends or bizarre laws...

Anonymous said...

We must not forget,the brave US politicians are only trying to
ensure the healthy upbringing of
future military personnel needed to
bomb and disintegrate,peasant women and chidren in distant lands.
To Americans death and disease are
worth it for Freedoms sake,
as long as they are not caused by smoking cigarettes

You can smoke an Afghan baby and
be an hero
You can smoke a Marlboro and be
a villain.

East of the Poisoned Sea

Pat Nurse MA said...