Thursday 1 October 2009

Who Needs Evidence?

The swivel-eyed anti-tobacco lobby have, for decades, financed fantasy 'science' to 'prove' their many wild hysterical theories.

In recent years, they have also increasingly employed 'science by press release' as a method of evading the inconvenience of actually debating their make-believe alarmist theories. Even more recently, the press releases have actually begun to contain no science whatsoever.

However, it would now seem that empty-headed anti-smoking fucktards have decided that no evidence at all should be required.

In the report stages of the Holyrood proposal to hide tobacco displays, Dr Richard Simpson (BMA, Royal College of Physicians) came out with this stunning opinion.

The fact that we do not have all the evidence is not a reason not to have such a ban

To put that another way, Simpson believes that a law which would cost every Scottish convenience store owner in the region of £1,000 according to government regulatory impact assessments, should be passed without a shred of evidence that it will do any good.

What Simpson wants, he must get. Screw you if you wish to object.

And the Holyrood Committee fell for it!

Just to remind you, as it would appear very relevant in the wake of this week's Sun headlines. Dr Simpson was an irritating, spoilt little tantrum-throwing brat, who now is a Labour MSP.


Unknown said...

"The fact that we do not have all the evidence is not a reason not to have such a ban"

What about the fact you have NO facts, you fucktard Simpson? These people are unbelievable Dick, they should be pilloried at every fucking stage! Great find and post Dick.

The witch from Essex said...

Next statement to read :

"The fact that we do not have ANY evidence is not a reason not to have such a ban"

Junican said...


Do the small shopkeepers in Scotland not have an organisation to co-ordinate protest?

If ever there was a good reason to protest, this is it. By his official (or, at least, semi-official) statement, Simpson has provided the best possible reason for PROTEST big time. If I was a small shopkeeper, I would be creating my placard NOW. It would say, "SIMPSON, YOU LIE!"

Will these small shopkeepers do it? Will they fuck!

Deborah Arnott said...

The fact that we have no evidence she is a witch is no reason not to burn her.

Belinda Cunnison said...

just for reference the link to Simpson's comment is now